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Neptune Wellness Solutions (NEPTF)

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Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: NEPT) (TSE: NEPT) (FRA: NTU) is an integrated wellness and health firm which is engaged in building a portfolio of plant-based and affordable consumer packaged products under the OCEANO3, Mood Ring, Forest Remedies, Neptune Wellness and Ocean Remedies brands.

The firm was founded in 1998 and is based in Laval, Canada. Neptune Wellness has a partnership agreement with International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. to co-develop CBD products derived from hemp for the wellness and health markets as well as for mass retail.

Neptune Wellness Solutions provides supply chain solutions and turnkey product development services to government customers and businesses in various health and wellness markets, such as white label consumer packaged goods, nutraceuticals, hemp and legal marijuana.

Additionally, the firm offers purification and extraction services from hemp and marijuana biomass, quality control, raw material sourcing, quality assurance and quality control services. Under quality assurance, the firm primarily deals with ingredients derived from hemp and omega-3, such as liquids, capsules and soft gels.

The firm’s patented omega-3 oils delivery technology was recently found to be 3 times more absorbable than other fish oils in the market, which puts Neptune Wellness Solutions at the top of an omega-3 ingredients market that is rapidly growing, with forecast showing that the value of the market will be close to $10 billion in a few years.

Neptune Wellness Solutions (NEPTF), closed Monday's trading session at $0.1845, up 269%, on 779,694 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 8,671 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0435/$28.00.

Creatd Inc. (CRTD)

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Creatd Inc. (NASDAQ: CRTD) is a technology firm that is engaged in the developing digital communities, e-commerce opportunities and marketing branded digital content.

The firm is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey and was incorporated in 1999, on December 30th by Rick Schwartz and Jeremy Phillip Frommer. Before changing its name in September 2020, the firm was known as Jerrick Media Holdings Inc. It generates revenues in the form of affiliate sales, branded content, creator subscriptions and managed services.

The enterprise has 3 platforms, i.e. Recreatd, Creatd Partners and Vocal Ventures. Its primary technology platform Vocal offers creators, podcasters and bloggers, curated and safe communities and storytelling tools, as well as opportunities to monetize their content. It also allows them to partner with brands that want to reach their audiences as well as connect with their ideal audiences.

The company provides an in-house marketing agency for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer clients, which offers performance marketing and management services, called Seller’s Choice. This is in addition to providing Recreatd, which holds legacy media assets and intellectual property, including media memorabilia, photographs and acquired artwork, to reactivate e-commerce properties and archival media assets.

The firm recently released their 2020 financial results, which show that not only did the sales, marketing and business development efforts expand, their net revenue tripled. With tactical position efforts underway to boost revenue projections even higher and new investment partners currently in development, the firm has a lot of good things in store for its stakeholders, it seems.

Creatd Inc. (CRTD), closed Monday's trading session at $6.04, up 27.1579%, on 33,603 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 253,236 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.20/$137.40.

Capricor Therapeutics (CAPR)

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Capricor Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: CAPR) (FRA: 4LN2) is a clinical stage biotechnology firm that is engaged in developing transformative exosome and cell-based therapies for preventing and treating various rare ailments, like duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The firm has its headquarters in Beverly Hills, California and was incorporated in 2005. It operates in the healthcare sector, under the biotech and pharma sub-industry and serves consumers in Canada and the U.S.

The company is well positioned at the forefront of one of the biggest segments of the healthcare sectors in the US- cardiovascular disease, given that it’s a developer of innovative treatments. It is party to a collaboration agreement with Lonza Houston Inc. which entails developing its cell therapy candidate dubbed CAP-1002, indicated for treating duchenne muscular dystrophy as well as other ailments.

The enterprise’s product pipeline is made up of a formulation currently in pre-clinical development dubbed CAP-2003, indicated for treating trauma-related conditions and injuries and an allogeneic cardiac-derive treatment dubbed CAP-1002, which is indicated for treating cardiac conditions like post myocardial infarction with cardiac dysfunction and heart failure and is also currently in phase 2 clinical trials testing its effectiveness in treating cytokine storms linked to the coronavirus. This formulation also concluded phase 2 clinical trials testing its effectiveness in treating late stage Duchenne muscular dystrophy. In addition to this, the company is involved in developing 2 vaccine candidates for the potential prevention of the coronavirus, which are currently in the preclinical stage.

The firm’s CAP-1002 has shown tremendous potential in the management of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which occurs in 1 in every 3600 live male births and affects about 200,000 young men and boys across the globe. The treatment’s success would not only address patients’ needs for a disease that has no cure but also bring in significant investments into the firm, which would enhance growth.

Capricor Therapeutics (CAPR), closed Monday's trading session at $5.89, up 16.8651%, on 718,542 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 33.787M and the stock's 52-week low/high is $2.68/$8.2212.

Cleanspark Inc. (CLSK)

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CleanSpark Inc. (NASDAQ: CLSK) (BMV: CLSK) is a sustainable Bitcoin mining and energy technology firm that is engaged in the provision of bitcoin mining and energy technology solutions.

The firm has its headquarters in Henderson, Nevada and was incorporated in 1987, on October 15th by S. Matthew Schultz. Prior to its name change in November 2016, the firm was known as Stratean Inc. It operates as part of the software-application industry, under the technology sector. The firm serves consumers in the United States.

The company operates through the Digital currency mining, Energy and Other business activities. Its digital currency segment operates the CleanBlok Inc. and ATL lines of business while its Energy segment operates the Solar Watt Solutions, GridFabric, CleanSpark Critical Power Systems Inc. and CleanSpark LLC lines of business. On the other hand, the Other activities segment includes CSRE Properties LLC, ATL Data Centers LLC and p2kLabs Inc.

The enterprise, which mines for bitcoin, also offers design and software, engineering, open automated demand response, custom hardware, solar and energy storage solutions for distributed energy systems and microgrids to commercial, military and residential customers. It also provides mVoult and mPulse, which are control platforms that allow for the integration and optimization of more than one energy source. This is in addition to providing software development and other technology-based consulting services.

The company recently expanded its capacity to mine bitcoin through the acquisition of new Whatsminer M30S machines. This move puts the company in an excellent position to grow its mining capacity, which will positively influence its revenues as well as its growth.

Cleanspark Inc. (CLSK), closed Monday's trading session at $20.24, up 13.5802%, on 58,042,599 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 158,328 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $2.035/$23.45.

MoneyLion Inc. (ML)

Super Stock Picker, MarketBeat, Zacks, TradersPro, Schaeffer's, QualityStocks and FreeRealTime reported earlier on MoneyLion Inc. (ML), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

MoneyLion Inc. (NYSE: ML) is a financial technology and mobile banking firm that offers a financial membership and mobile banking platform which allows individuals to take control of their finances.

The firm has its headquarters in New York and was founded in 2013 by Chee Mun Foong and Diwakar Choubey. Prior to its name change in September 2021, the firm was known as Fusion Acquisition Corp. It operates as part of the activities related to the credit mediation industry. The firm has four companies in its corporate family and serves consumers in the United States.

The company helps empower the American Dream by offering every individual access to better products for investing, saving and borrowing. It uses its machine learning-based technology and superior analytics to acquire a 360o view of every user’s personal finances, which allows them to provide uniquely personalized advice and underwriting.

The enterprise’s product platforms include Financial Heartbeat, Credit Builder Plus, Instacash Earned Income Advances, MoneyLion Investing and RoarMoney. Its Instacash platform has a 0% yearly rate advanced product that affords consumers access to their recurring income deposits. MoneyLion Investing is an online investment account which provides access to invested accounts that are separately managed, based off of model portfolios consisting of exchange-traded funds. On the other hand, its RoarMoney platform is a digital demand deposit account that has zero rewards, features and minimums.

The company recently appointed new independent directors to its Board, who each possess extensive expertise in building world-class brands, scaling businesses and engaging consumers across various platforms.

MoneyLion Inc. (ML), closed Monday's trading session at $74.49, up 10.5849%, on 395,372 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 192,265 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $7.50/$75.74.

Zura Bio (ZURA)

MarketBeat and InsiderTrades reported earlier on Zura Bio (ZURA), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Zura Bio Limited (NASDAQ: ZURA) (NASDAQ: ZURAW) (FRA: 94E) is a multi-asset clinical-stage biotechnology firm focused on the development of new medicines for immune and inflammatory disorders with unmet needs like systemic sclerosis.

The firm has its headquarters in Henderson, Nevada and was incorporated in January 2022. It operates as part of the biotechnology industry, under the healthcare sector. The firm serves consumers around the globe.

The company is led by an entrepreneurial management team with broad and deep experience in the pharmaceutical industry and a proven track record of successfully identifying and developing innovative medicines that advance patient care and well-being.

The enterprise is advancing immunology assets into phase II development programs, including Torudokimab and ZB-168. Torudokimab is a fully human, high affinity monoclonal antibody that neutralizes interleukin-33 (IL33), and is in the phase II clinical development stage. On the other hand, ZB-168 is an anti-interleukin-7 receptor subunit alpha (IL7Rα) inhibitor that has the potential to impact diseases driven by interleukin-7 (IL7) and thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP) biological pathways. The company is focused on developing a portfolio of therapeutic indications for ZB-168 that build on existing Phase Ib data in type 1 diabetes demonstrating a safety profile and biological rationale.

The firm recently appointed a new president and chief medical officer, both of whom have extensive experience in their respective fields. This move strengthens its leadership, particularly as it works towards establishing itself as a preeminent international immunology firm. This move may positively influence investments into the firm as well as boost overall growth.

Zura Bio (ZURA), closed Monday's trading session at $3.24, up 0.621118%, on 51,041 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 3.203M and the stock's 52-week low/high is $2.80/$37.55.


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Virginia lawmakers have recently given their final nod to legislation aiming to legalize the retail sale of cannabis, slated to commence from May 1, 2025. This decision, following several weeks of negotiations, now awaits the approval of Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Both the Senate and House of Delegates endorsed similar versions of the measures on Feb. 28, 2024, reconciling differences after amendments from a committee in the Senate threatened to disrupt the agreement between the two chambers. Later, each chamber approved the bills from the other, forwarding them to the governor for potential enactment.

A prior Democratic-led measure from 2021 allowed for the possession, use and restricted cultivation of marijuana in Virginia. However, GOP legislators obstructed the necessary reconstruction of regulations for retail sales when they took control of the governor’s office and the House, which resulted in the creation of illegal establishments to satisfy consumer demand.

Even with legislative approval, retail sales are not guaranteed to be legal. While Youngkin has not stated whether he intends to veto the measure, he made it clear last month that he was not interested in legalizing Democratic-led cannabis sales.

Democrats introduced competing bills (SB 448 and HB 698), but in recent weeks, law makers have worked towards consensus and compromise. This week marked the culmination of multiple amendments in committees and on both floors until a consensus was eventually reached.

While there were some parallels between the prior versions of the laws, there were also notable differences, including the approach to social equality, the taxation rate, the opening time for retail establishments and the authorization for outdoor marijuana growing. The tax issue was the final obstacle before the votes. Last week, a compromise was proposed that would impose a 9% tax on cannabis sales — 4.5% state tax and an optional 4.5% local tax. However, a committee in the Senate broke from the agreement, raising the tax rate in HB 698 to a little more than 17%.

Subsequent floor amendments in both chambers then restored harmony to the tax provisions. As a result, the combined tax rates for both measures are now 11.625% — 8% state tax, 2.5% optional local tax and 1.125% state sales taxes to fund education.

The measures narrowly passed both chambers. The Senate passed HB 698 by a vote of 21 to 18, while the House approved SB 448 by a 51-to-47 vote. The amended measures were later approved by both chambers by the same voting margins.

The entire cannabis industry, including leading companies such as SNDL Inc. (NASDAQ: SNDL), is likely to welcome the eventual launch of recreational marijuana sales in Virginia as that would be a major step forward in rolling back prohibition.

SNDL Inc. (SNDL), closed Monday's trading session at $1.36, up 2.2556%, on 3,341,555 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 58.661M and the stock's 52-week low/high is $1.25/$2.36.

Apple Inc. (AAPL)

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Last month, Web Summit was held in the Middle East for the first time. The event, held in Doha, is the biggest technology conference globally. While the conference had participants from dozens of countries around the globe, the prevailing topic at this year’s conference was artificial intelligence and its capabilities.

There is great excitement surrounding AI given its application in various sectors. However, concerns about its use are also increasing, particularly the fact that it could worsen inequities that divide the world.

Black Lives Matter cocreator Ayo Tometi believes that technologies such as AI may amplify biases that exist. During the Web Summit, Tometi explained that prejudice was being programmed into these technologies as had already been seen. She added that these biases needed to be addressed. She then gave the example of predictive policing tools that were particularly harmful to individuals of color, especially Black people, in the United States.

One report shows that two primary types of AI tools are used in America. The first draws on data about individuals, such as their gender or age, to predict who is more likely to engage in crime. The second tool uses location-based algorithms to forecast where crime is likely to occur.

Additionally, research by Deloitte shows that smart technologies may help cities decrease crime by 30%–40%. Tometi explained that these smart technologies were a serious cause for alarm, especially since anti-Blackness and racism within the criminal justice system was yet to be addressed. She argued that these technologies were assumed to be neutral, which wasn’t the case.

Tometi gave the example of individuals who had been locked up because of faulty facial scans, noting that these technologies didn’t recognize Afrocentric features. In her closing, Tometi highlighted that there was much discrimination and bias that was being normalized through these technologies.

Experts are also concerned by the fact that artificial intelligence may worsen the digital divide globally. However, Digital Cooperation Organization’s Alaa Abdulaal stated during the summit that countries needed to advance their development of AI by working toward becoming producers instead of consumers. He added that creating upskilling opportunities could help reduce this digital divide, noting that civil organizations in the society would need to chip in as governments could not undertake this alone.

This sentiment on production wasn’t shared by others, including Evoteq CEO Jihad Tayara, who noted that while AI consumption around the globe was reducing the digital divide, some countries had no foundation for production.

The challenge is now upon tech giants that are at the forefront of AI technologies, such as Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), to come up with solutions that leave no one behind and also address any existing biases which could be worsened by generative AI.

Apple Inc. (AAPL), closed Monday's trading session at $170.73, up 1.0237%, on 76,267,041 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 378,571 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $147.6096/$199.62.

Royal Gold Inc. (RGLD)

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At the start of this week, the price of gold reached a three-month peak driven by increased bets for an interest rate cut by the Fed come June. Spot gold hit $2,113.3 an ounce, representing a 1.4% increase. This is its highest price since the start of December 2023, when its price reached $2,135.40 an ounce. U.S. gold futures hit $2,126.30 per ounce, a 1.5% increase.

This improvement in the precious metal’s price comes after its price recently surged about $50, driven by weak price pressures as well as construction and manufacturing spending. Disappointing economic data also facilitated the surge in gold’s price, with the ISM manufacturing purchasing managers’ index underperforming against market expectations. A contraction was observed between January and February, with new orders reducing to 49.2 from 52.5.

Correspondingly, the Michigan Consumer Sentiment index failed to reach market predictions and also fell short of its prior figure, which marked another significant miss.

Blue Line Futures chief market strategist Phillip Streible stated that the price of the precious metal could easily surpass its record highs. It is expected that Fed chair Jerome H. Powell may be dovish in his next address, which may positively influence gold’s performance.

The CME Fed Watch Tool shows that markets are betting on 66% chance of the Federal Reserve dropping interest rates by June. Kitco Metals senior analyst Jim Wyckoff added that gold was going to continue trending higher, especially if inflation numbers remained tame.

Gold is negatively affected when rates of interest in America applied to keep inflation in check increase returns on competing assets, such as bonds, and bolster the dollar, which makes the precious metal more expensive to purchase using foreign currencies.

Ole Hansen, head of commodity strategy at Saxo Bank, stated that heightened geopolitical tensions globally have decreased the short-selling appetite. This has, in turn, strengthened buy-on-dips credentials for gold.

Earlier this week, gold’s price benchmark reached a new high of $2,098.05 per troy ounce in London. The London Bullion Market Association revealed that its previous all-time high, set on Dec. 28, 2023, stood at $2,078.40. During the same period, the price of spot silver rose by 2.8% to reach $23.79 while palladium reached $960.50, .5% from its last figure. On the other hand, platinum hit $897.10 an ounce, a 1.1% increase.

The Commodity channel index is now showing a 250+ reading, with experts noting that when the reading normalizes, gold may surpass the high recorded at the end of 2023.

The surging price of gold is helping extraction companies such as Royal Gold Inc. (NASDAQ: RGLD) to attract more investor interest as people look to tap the upward market movement of the precious metal.

Royal Gold Inc. (RGLD), closed Monday's trading session at $112.75, up 0.921948%, on 456,675 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 560,220 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $100.55/$147.82.

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp. Ltd. (SOLO)

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Following several months of depressed electric vehicle demand, Ford Motor Co.’s alternative energy vehicle sales spiked in February as strong demand for battery electric vehicles and hybrids increased the automaker’s U.S. sales by 10.5%. The Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker’s hybrid vehicle sales jumped by 32% to 12,045 while its SUV sales went up by 22% to 76,403 units.

Ford says the hybrid segment has enjoyed continued growth over the past year with sales expanding faster than the general U.S. auto industry. As with many other legacy automakers, Ford recently announced plans to scale back its ambitious electrification plans. While companies such as General Motors and Ford had plans to electrify most of their lineups over the next couple of decades, consumer demand for battery electric vehicles dragged in late 2023.

High electric vehicle prices coupled with rising interest rates and a high cost of living reduced the number of consumers who were willing to pay premium rates for a battery electric car. The result was slowed demand for EVs and increased numbers of unsold electric vehicles on car lots. In response, Ford and other established automakers said they would rework their electrification plans and focus on developing high-margin fossil fuel cars and hybrids.

Ford cut prices for the award-winning Mach E over the past couple of months and reduced production at its Michigan Rouge Electric Vehicle Center to just a single shift from April 1. However, February proved to be a good month for Ford as hybrid sales surged by 32% compared to the previous month. The automaker is doubling down on hybrid electric vehicles to attract consumers who aren’t completely comfortable with switching to battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Hybrids allow drivers to use electric vehicle technology without having to completely relearn how to use a different kind of car. They also offer great fuel economy as hybrid drivers can use both fossil fuels and electricity as fuel. Ford’s Maverick hybrid pickup truck was extremely popular among American consumers and accounted for more than onehalf of all hybrids sold last month, at 6,463 units. The Mustang Mach E crossover saw a 64.3% jump in sales while the F-150 pickup truck sales jumped by a whopping 93%.

Unfortunately, despite the increase, hybrids still made up only small part of Ford’s overall February sales. Compared to slightly more than 12,000 hybrids, Ford sold 155,779 gas-powered units last month. Traditional gas-powered cars made up nearly 90% of Ford’s sales. Even though the automaker’s bet on hybrids seems to be paying dividends, the company still has a long way to go before it dethrones internal combustion engine cars.

Electric vehicle manufacturers, such as ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp. Ltd. (NASDAQ: SOLO), have a tall order to entice a lot more consumers to take up EVs so that the industry can reach the point of no return regarding its entrenchment.

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp. Ltd. (SOLO), closed Monday's trading session at $0.2296, off by 1.8803%, on 492,983 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 108.201M and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.2111/$1.04.

Tesla Inc. (TSLA)

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As of last week, owners of the F-150 and Mustang Mach-E could power up their electric vehicles using Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) superchargers. Jim Farley, Ford CEO, stated in a recent LinkedIn post that the charging partnership would improve the electric car ownership experience for Ford drivers, revealing that he had tested the superchargers out himself and they worked great.

Eligible owners of the aforementioned vehicles can reserve a complimentary fast charging adapter by going to FastChargingAdapter. The Tesla-Ford partnership involves the addition of Tesla’s fast-charging adapters to the Ford BlueOval Charge Network.

Last June, Tesla entered a similar arrangement with General Motors. This agreement gave the latter’s customers access to more than 12,000 Tesla fast chargers in Canada and the United States. This deal also includes General Motors adopting charging ports currently used by Tesla. Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, stated during the announcement that her company expected to save nearly $400 million of funds allocated for the construction of charging stations for electric cars. This comes after General Motors announced in 2021 that it had planned to spend some $700 million on EV-charging infrastructure for Canada and the United States.

These agreements indicate a shift in strategy for Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who had for years praised the exclusivity of his company’s charging network as well as his Tesla’s ability to construct reliable charging locations that would eliminate long waits for consumers. In order to become the EV charging standard, Tesla has had to direct significant investments into technical and business development.

Tesla is expected to gain great financial benefits from these efforts, including from charging fees paid by consumers and environmental credits. Currently, Tesla operates roughly one in every three charging stations in America.

Sam Fiorani, AutoForecast Solutions vice president for global forecasting, believes that even if the fleet of electric cars is smaller than what many auto manufacturers and the government had planned and the adoption of battery EVs has slowed domestically, Tesla may rake in $6–$12 billion annually by 2030 from its growing charging business. AutoForecast also believes that while Tesla may lose some customers to other brands by making charging more accessible, loyalty to its brand will help the company keep the majority of its customers.

Additionally, Tesla’s move to allow other auto manufacturers to use its charging network may allow the comopany to receive federal funds under the Inflation Reduction Act. Fiorani noted that Tesla wasn’t afraid to use government regulations for income and had been working potential revenue streams for a while now.

Tesla Inc. (TSLA), closed Monday's trading session at $175.34, off by 1.8528%, on 85,544,644 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 9.704M and the stock's 52-week low/high is $152.37/$299.29.

Bit Digital Inc. (BTBT)

QualityStocks, StocksEarning, MarketClub Analysis, Schaeffer's, TradersPro, InvestorPlace, MarketBeat, Wealth Daily, StockEarnings, InvestorsUnderground, Daily Trade Alert and CryptoCurrencyWire reported earlier on Bit Digital Inc. (BTBT), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Monday, March 4, 2024, saw Bitcoin soar to its highest price ever, ending a more than two-year period of stagnation that had many questioning the viability of the entire cryptocurrency industry. The trailblazing digital currency surpassed its previous high of $68,789 on Nov. 10, 2021, with a remarkable $68,791 in trading.

In recent months, the surge in Bitcoin’s value has been significantly boosted by the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This provided a gateway for traditional investors to add Bitcoin to their investment portfolios. The road to approval was lengthy, marked by persistent lobbying efforts from crypto companies. Ultimately, the SEC reluctantly approved, following a court ruling that criticized the regulator’s arbitrary rejection of the ETF applications.

In January, the first batch of 11 Bitcoin spot ETFs, which mirror the current market price of the digital currency, was launched. In less than a month, the ETFs attracted more than $4.2 billion in net inflows.

ETFs are investment vehicles that mimic the trading of stocks while tracking a variety of assets. One of the main attractions of an ETF is that it allows investors to gain access to Bitcoin through their conventional brokerage firms, eliminating the need to establish a digital wallet via a crypto exchange.

Bitcoin serves as a barometer for the wider $2 trillion cryptocurrency market, which has faced significant challenges in recent times, including major lender and exchange bankruptcies, volatile price changes and the legal prosecution of people such as former cryptocurrency heavyweight Sam Bankman-Fried. He was found guilty in November of embezzling billions from clients of his FTX crypto exchange before it crashed in 2022.

As per CoinMarketCap data, the value of Bitcoin has increased by more than 200% in the last year, accounting for more than one-half of the whole cryptocurrency market. In addition, the digital currency has hit all-time highs when compared to some major and developing-market currencies, such as those from the United Kingdom, China and Japan.

The recent rally in Bitcoin’s value has also been contributed to by the anticipated Bitcoin halving event. Approximately every four years, the number of new Bitcoins introduced into circulation is halved, marking a fundamental aspect of the crypto’s design. It is anticipated that the value of Bitcoin will increase as its supply declines.

Miners, traders and investors are currently hoarding Bitcoin, intending to sell it at the expected peak after the halving event. This behavior sets the stage for the anticipated price decline immediately after the halving event.

Mining companies such as Bit Digital Inc. (NASDAQ: BTBT) are also holding out to see how the halving could potentially affect their earnings going forward.

Bit Digital Inc. (BTBT), closed Monday's trading session at $2.47, up 6.0086%, on 7,586,669 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 309,725 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.9707/$5.27.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: LEXX)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: LEXX).

Lexaria, a global innovator in drug delivery platforms, has, since 2016, proven its patented DehydraTECH(TM) technology, asserting its superiority in improving drug bioavailability

This has earned it 39 granted patents, with many pending globally

DehydraTECH has a number of potential pharmaceutical applications with successful early stage results in hypertension, diabetes and weight loss and many others With its focus on GLP-1 clinical studies for 2024, Lexaria looks to carve out greater market share to make 2024 its biggest year

Lexaria Bioscience (NASDAQ: LEXX), a global innovator in drug delivery platforms, has been pushing the envelope and redefining drug delivery technology. Its patented DehydraTECH(TM) technology has proven itself in numerous studies since 2016, highlighting its ability to increase bio-absorption compared to standard industry formulations while also reducing time of onset, as well as delivering drugs more effectively across the blood brain barrier (

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: LEXX) is a global innovator in drug delivery platforms. The company’s patented technology, DehydraTECH™, improves the way active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) enter the bloodstream by promoting healthier oral ingestion methods and increasing the effectiveness of fat-soluble active molecules. DehydraTECH promotes fast-acting, less expensive and more effective oral drug delivery and has been thoroughly evaluated through in vivo, in vitro and human clinical testing.

DehydraTECH is covered by 21 issued and more than 50 pending patents in over 40 countries around the world. Lexaria’s first patent was issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in October 2016 (US 9,474,725 B1), providing 20 years of patent protection expiring June 2034. Multiple patents have been awarded since then and are expected in the future.

Lexaria has also collaborated with the National Research Council (NRC), the Canadian government’s premier research and technology organization. The company has been granted patent protection for specific delivery of nicotine, vitamins, NSAIDs, antiviral drugs, cannabinoids and more.

Lexaria began developing DehydraTECH in 2014 and has since continued to strengthen and broaden the technology. The company has no plans to create or sell Lexaria-branded products containing controlled substances. Instead, Lexaria licenses its technology to other companies around the world to offer consumers the best possible performance across an array of ingestible product formats.

The company’s technology is best thought of as an additional layer that providers of consumer supplements, prescription and non-prescription drugs, nicotine and CBD products can utilize to improve the effectiveness of their own existing or planned new offerings. Lexaria has licensed DehydraTECH to multiple companies, including a world-leading tobacco producer for the research and development of smokeless, oral-based nicotine products, and for use in industries that produce cannabinoid beverages, edibles and oral products.

DehydraTECH is suitable for use with a wide range of product formats including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, consumer packaged goods and over-the-counter capsules, pills, tablets and oral suspensions.

DehydraTECH Technology

Lexaria’s DehydraTECH is designed specifically for formulating and delivering lipophilic (fat-soluble) drugs and active ingredients. DehydraTECH increases their effectiveness and improves the way active pharmaceutical ingredients enter the bloodstream. The major benefits to a subject ingesting a DehydraTECH-enabled drug or consumer product can be summarized by the following:

  • Speeds up delivery – the effects of the product are felt by the subject in just minutes.
  • Increases bioavailability – the technology is much more effective at delivering a drug or product into the bloodstream.
  • Increases brain absorption – animal testing suggests significant improvement in the quantity of drug delivered across the blood-brain barrier.
  • Improves drug potency – more of the ingested product is made available to the body, so lower doses are required to achieve the desired effect.
  • Reduces drug administration cost – lower doses mean lower overall drug costs.
  • Masks unwanted taste – the technology eliminates or reduces the need for sweeteners.

Lexaria has demonstrated in animal studies a propensity for DehydraTECH technology to elevate the quantity of drug delivered across the blood-brain barrier by as much as 1,900 percent, initiating additional new patent applications and opening possibilities for improved drug delivery.

Since 2016, DehydraTECH has repeatedly demonstrated, with cannabinoids and nicotine, the ability to increase bio-absorption by up to five to 10 times, reduce time of onset from one to two hours to just minutes, and mask unwanted tastes. The technology is to be further evaluated for additional orally administered bioactive molecules, including antivirals, cannabinoids, vitamins, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and nicotine.

Market Outlook

Lexaria’s ongoing research and development efforts are mainly focused on development of product candidates across several key segments:

  • Oral Cannabinoids – a market estimated to be worth $18.4 billion in 2021 and expected to reach $46.2 billion by 2025.
  • Antivirals – an estimated $52.1 billion market in 2021 that’s expected to grow to $66.7 billion by 2025.
  • Oral Mucosal Nicotine – smokeless tobacco products, a $13.6 billion market in 2018, is forecast to grow at 7.2 percent annually through 2025.
  • Human Hormones – estrogen and testosterone replacement therapies represented a $21.9 billion market in 2019, with a forecast CAGR of 7.7 percent through 2027.
  • Ibuprofen and Naproxen – NSAID sales totaled $15.6 billion globally in 2019 and are projected to reach $24.4 billion by 2027.
  • Vitamin D3 – the global market size was $1.1 billion in 2021, growing at 7 percent per year and expected to reach $1.7 billion in 2026.

Management Team

Chris Bunka is Chairman and CEO of Lexaria Bioscience Corp. He is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in several private and public companies since the late 1980s. He has extensive experience in the capital markets, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, as well as corporate finance. He is named as an inventor on multiple patent innovations.

John Docherty, M.Sc., is the President of Lexaria. He is a pharmacologist and toxicologist, and a specialist in the development of drug delivery technologies. He is the former president and COO of Helix BioPharma Corp. (TSX: HBP). He is named as an inventor on multiple issued and pending patents.

Greg Downey is Lexaria’s CFO. He has more than 35 years of diverse financial experience in the mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, and construction industries, and in the public sector. He served for eight years as CFO for several public companies and has provided business advisory and financial accounting services to many large organizations.

Gregg Smith is a strategic advisor to Lexaria. He is a founder and private investor with Evolution VC Partners. He is a member of the Sand Hill Angels and held previous investment banking roles with Cowen and Company and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Dr. Philip Ainslie serves as a scientific and medical advisor to Lexaria. He is co-director for the Centre for Heart, Lung and Vascular Health, Canada. He is also Research Chair in Cerebrovascular Physiology and Professor at the School of Health and Exercise Sciences, Faculty of Health and Social Development at the University of British Columbia.

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (LEXX), closed Monday's trading session at $5.5, up 10%, on 1,543,163 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 64,705 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.6488/$6.01.

Recent News

Aston Bay Holdings Ltd. (TSX.V: BAY) (OTCQB: ATBHF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlightFathom Aston Bay Holdings Ltd. (TSX.V: BAY) (OTCQB: ATBHF).

Aston Bay (TSX.V: BAY) (OTCQB: ATBHF) is a Canadian minerals exploration company focused on exploring high-grade copper and gold deposits in North America. "The company owns the Storm Copper Project and the Seal Zinc Deposit in Nunavut, Canada, and is currently exploring the Buckingham Gold Vein and critical metals prospects in central Virginia. Aston Bay is also in the advanced stages of negotiation on other properties with high-grade critical minerals potential in these areas. The company believes in responsible exploration and carries out its work programs to the highest standards of social responsibility, environmental stewardship and health and safety," a recent article reads. "The high-grade Storm Copper Deposit is located 112 kilometers south of the community of Resolute Bay, Nunavut, on western Somerset Island, just south of the past-producing Polaris Pb-Zn Mine. The property comprises 173 contiguous mining claims, including the Storm Copper and Seal Zinc projects, covering an area of approximately 541,795 acres. The property has good access to established shipping lanes, and the landscape provides favorable conditions for development of roads and a protected deep-water port. Exploration is supported through excellent infrastructure in the nearby hamlet of Resolute Bay… The gold-bearing system at the Buckingham County Gold Project in Virginia lies within a belt hosting past producing mines, current gold mines and advanced gold explorations, stretching from Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland."

To view the full article, visit

Aston Bay Holdings Ltd. (TSX.V: BAY) (OTCQB: ATBHF) is a publicly traded Canadian minerals exploration company focused on exploring high-grade copper and gold deposits in North America. The company owns the Storm Copper Project and the Seal Zinc Deposit in Nunavut, Canada, and is currently exploring the Buckingham Gold Vein and critical metals prospects in central Virginia. Aston Bay is also in the advanced stages of negotiation on other properties with high-grade critical minerals potential in these areas.

The company believes in responsible exploration and carries out its work programs to the highest standards of social responsibility, environmental stewardship and health and safety. Aston Bay cares about leaving a net positive impact on the communities in which it works and engages with local representatives, Indigenous groups and government agencies to build respectful relationships through dialogue and collaborative processes. Depending on the stage of exploration, these efforts may include employment, contracting, training, community benefits and other agreements.

Aston Bay conducts exploration through safe, socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable work practices. The company embeds core values of health and safety throughout its operations by adhering to strict health and safety standards and practices that meet and/or exceed industry standards and government codes and regulations.

The company is headquartered in Toronto.


Storm Copper

The high-grade Storm Copper Deposit is located 112 kilometers south of the community of Resolute Bay, Nunavut, on western Somerset Island, just south of the past-producing Polaris Pb-Zn Mine. The property comprises 173 contiguous mining claims, including the Storm Copper and Seal Zinc projects, covering an area of approximately 541,795 acres.

The property has good access to established shipping lanes, and the landscape provides favorable conditions for development of roads and a protected deep-water port. Exploration is supported through excellent infrastructure in the nearby hamlet of Resolute Bay.

Aston Bay is partnered with American West Metals (ASX: AW1) at Storm. American West is responsible for all exploration expenditures, having aggressively advanced the project toward production and earned an 80% interest. This affords excellent optionality to the company’s shareholders, as Aston Bay is free carried with no required expenditures until the completion of a bankable feasibility study.

American West recently completed an Australian JORC-compliant Maiden Resource Estimate for Storm; the North American 43-101 compliant resource estimate is expected in Q1 2024. American West is cashed up and plans a multimillion-dollar resource expansion and new discovery drilling program for the summer of 2024.

The Buckingham County Gold Project

The gold-bearing system at the Buckingham County Gold Project in Virginia lies within a belt hosting past producing mines, current gold mines and advanced gold explorations, stretching through Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Buckingham hosts a “Kirkland Lake-style” high grade gold vein returning values consistently over one ounce gold per ton and is underexplored both at depth and along almost one mile of strike length. These types of veins have excellent ESG qualities, as they are typically mined using a small footprint underground method, with gold extracted using simple and environmentally friendly gravity methods.

Market Opportunity

The World Gold Council, the industry association for the world’s gold producers, estimated in 2023 the physical financial gold market, which is made up of bars, coins, gold ETFs and central bank reserves, is worth nearly $5 trillion. The council reports that gold mine production adds approximately 3,500 tons of the precious metal to the world’s supply annually, equivalent to about 2% growth.

This historical scarcity and relatively slow production of new supply, as compared to other commodities, is a primary reason gold has retained its value for millennia, according to the council.

A report from Acumen Research and Consulting, a global provider of market intelligence and consulting services, valued the global copper market at $304.1 billion in 2022 and forecast that it will reach a market size of $496.8 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 5.1% over the forecast period.

The report identifies a growing demand for copper in the electronics industry, as well as an expanding copper supply due to increasing production from existing mines and the rising number of mine development projects in developing nations, as driving factors in the rising value of the copper market.

Management Team

Thomas Ullrich is CEO and Director of Aston Bay. He has over 30 years of experience in mineral exploration and geoscience. Before joining Aston Bay, he was Chief Geologist North America for Antofagasta Minerals plc, investigating copper potential through extensive property evaluations and management of drill programs in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Prior to that, he was Senior Geologist for Almaden Minerals.

Sofia Harquail handles Investor Relations and Corporate Development at Aston Bay. She has over 15 years of experience in the private and public sectors of the mining industry. Before joining Aston Bay, she worked as a consultant for the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada and for exempt market dealer Red Cloud Financial Services Inc. Ms. Harquail holds an M.A. from the University of Uppsala in Sweden and received her CPIR designation from the CIRI/Ivey Investor Relations Program. She also sits on the board of the Young Mining Professionals Toronto and is CSC Certified.

Aston Bay has a talented Board of Directors bringing broad experience from across the industry, encompassing resource expansion, mine development, mergers and acquisitions, and mining finance.

Ms. Jessie Liu-Ernsting has over 15 years of experience in the mining industry, spanning capital projects engineering, debt capital markets, private equity and corporate strategy at several firms, including Hudbay Minerals and Resource Capital Funds. She is currently VP Investor Relations and Communications at G Mining Ventures Corp.

Mr. Jeffrey R. Wilson has over 25 years’ experience in the mining industry, having served as a director, officer and advisor of multiple public and private companies in the mineral exploration and mining investment industries. Mr. Wilson is currently President & CEO of Precipitate Gold Corp.

Mr. Gary O’Connor has over 40 years of diverse experience as a mineral exploration and development professional in the management of successful resource projects as well as the evaluation, technical due diligence, and supervision of large mineral exploration and development projects through-out the world. While with Freeport, Mr. O’Connor worked on the due diligence and discovery of a major gold fraud on the Busang gold “deposit” in Kalimantan by Bre-X.

Mr. Mark J. Pryor is a geologist with a 40-year track record of successfully advancing multiple precious metal, copper, coal, REE and Li projects from discovery through to exploitation. He is currently Executive Vice President of the Exploration Division at The Electrum Group.

Aston Bay Holdings Ltd. (OTCQB: ATBHF), closed Monday's trading session at $0.108, up 10.883%, on 73,500 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is and the stock's 52-week low/high is $6.01/$.

Recent News

First Tellurium Corp. (CSE: FTEL) (OTCQB: FSTTF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight First Tellurium Corp. (CSE: FTEL) (OTCQB: FSTTF) .

In its 2023 end-of-year filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), BlackRock pointed out that its ESG investment strategy was a risk for the company, partly because of the growing political scrutiny surrounding environmental, social and governance practices. BlackRock is a multinational investment company as well as the biggest asset manager globally with $10 trillion in assets. The company explained in its 10-K form that if it wasn't able to successfully manage expectations related to these practices across varied shareholder interests, it's reputation would be negatively affected, as would its ability to retain and attract employees, clients, business partners and stakeholders. The 10-K form is a report detailing a company's financial performance over the previous fiscal year; the form is submitted to the SEC annually. That same month, BlackRock withdrew from Climate Action 100+ in a bid to distance itself from ESG. Despite the growing controversy around ESG principles, a number of companies such as First Tellurium Corp. (CSE: FTEL) (OTCQB: FSTTF) have adopted these practices. This is because implementing ESG appears to bring a number of benefits, including bottom-line benefits to companies.

First Tellurium Corp. (CSE: FTEL) (OTCQB: FSTTF) is committed to exploring for and providing essential and critical metals, including tellurium, gold, silver, copper and tungsten, for North American markets. This objective is anchored by the company’s Deer Horn tellurium-gold-silver-copper project in British Columbia, Canada, and further enhanced by its property option on the Klondike tellurium-gold prospect located in Colorado, USA.

First Tellurium’s unique business model is to generate revenue and value through mineral discovery, project development, project generation and cooperative access to untapped mineral regions in indigenous territory with sustainable exploration potential.

The company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tellurium and the Green Energy Revolution

Tellurium has a key role to play in the ongoing green energy revolution. It is widely used in the manufacturing of photovoltaic cells for solar panels.

Despite this utility, ongoing trade tensions between China and the U.S. create implications for both tellurium and the production of cadmium-tellurium solar cells. Earlier this year, China announced plans to restrict exports of critical metals gallium and germanium, both essential for the production of semiconductors. For reference, China produces around 80% of the world’s gallium and approximately 60% of the world’s germanium.

China’s recent trade restrictions amplify the fragility of the North American tellurium supply, as the Asian nation currently produces about 60% of the world’s tellurium. This sustained supply vulnerability is why First Solar, the United States’ largest solar panel producer, set up a worldwide search for tellurium deposits in the mid-2000s.

“In North America alone, our understanding is that First Solar looked at over a hundred tellurium properties,” First Tellurium CEO Tyrone Docherty stated in a news release. “Their number one property by far, which they acquired, was the Colorado Klondike which we now control.”

The U.S. is now looking to secure safe, domestic sources of tellurium and many other critical metals to pre-empt potential shortages. The Biden administration has instituted a stream of policies, particularly the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act, to source solar components from North America and other “friendly” jurisdictions.

As the only junior mining company in the world focused on tellurium exploration, First Tellurium is ahead of the curve in capitalizing on these initiatives to establish strategic, domestic supplies of key resources for solar panel manufacturers.

First Tellurium’s ESG Initiatives

Through its exploration and partnerships with Fenix Advanced Materials, Cheona Metals and IRMA, First Tellurium strives to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. The company conducts a diversified search for metals, working in alliance with indigenous peoples, NGOs, governments and leading metals buyers. First Tellurium believes this is the future of mineral exploration — generating revenue by exploring responsibly and leveraging diverse partnerships.

First Tellurium proudly adheres to, and supports, the principles and rights set out in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and, in particular, the fundamental proposition of free, prior and informed consent.



Deer Horn Tellurium-Gold-Silver-Copper Project

Deer Horn is located on 51.33 square kilometers (km) in west-central British Columbia, 36 km south of the prolific Huckleberry copper-molybdenum mine and 135 km southwest of the community of Burns Lake. It is one of few significant tellurium discoveries outside Asia and includes a 2.4 km-long vein system of high-grade gold, silver and tellurium, as well as broader zones of bulk-tonnage gold, silver and tellurium mineralization. The company completed a positive Preliminary Economic Estimate and has begun permitting for a 10,000-tonne bulk sample program to advance the project toward mine feasibility. It is North America’s only silver-gold-tellurium property with an NI 43-101 compliant tellurium resource, and it hosts a number of other mineralized targets and zone containing critical metals such as copper, tungsten and zinc.

First Tellurium owns 50% of the property, with an option to acquire up to a 75% interest. The company has engaged Dias Geophysical of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to conduct induced polarization (IP) geophysics on the Deer Horn Project in summer 2023. The program is designed to help develop drill targets for a subsequent drilling program.

Klondike Gold-Tellurium Project

The Klondike property is located in Saguache County, Colorado, southwest of Buena Vista in the state’s historical mining district. The company reports it has engaged Burgex Mining Consultants of Sandy, Utah, to stake additional claims around the Klondike property. The claims have been filed with the Bureau of Land Management.

Klondike demonstrates exceptional tellurium grades. Tellurium, used in high-efficiency cadmium telluride (Cd-Te) solar panels, next-generation lithium-ion batteries and thermoelectric devices to change heat into energy, is an essential element for the world’s transition to green energy.

The Klondike property was a top tellurium prospect owned previously by First Solar Inc., one of the world’s largest solar panel producers. First Solar terminated its worldwide raw materials exploration program in 2012 and sold the property to Colorado Klondike LLC, which optioned the project to First Tellurium. Colorado Klondike, led by First Solar’s former Exploration Manager in North America, is managing the upcoming exploration program.

The Colorado Geological Survey (CGS), in partnership with the Colorado School of Mines, reported on First Solar’s exploration at Klondike in 2015, noting: “Surface sampling by First Solar, Inc. in 2006 found very high tellurium grades of up to 3.3% (33,000 ppm), along with locally high gold grades. Tellurium grades at Klondike were the highest encountered in the company’s nationwide exploration program.”

Market Outlook

First Tellurium in spring 2023 referenced recent forecasts by the International Energy Agency (IEA) pointing to rapid growth in solar photovoltaic (solar PV) deployment worldwide. According to the agency, solar PV installations will generate more power by 2027 than any other energy source, including coal, natural gas and hydro. To meet this demand, consumption of both silver and tellurium, key components of solar panels, is expected to surge in coming years.

Chen Lin, founder of Lin Asset Management, has written in his investment newsletter for clients that solar PV is now the largest industrial usage of silver. He said that in 2022 solar PV production used about 12% of total silver demand, or about 120 million ounces of silver. Lin expects this number to rise dramatically in the coming years, and that is likely to lead to silver supply deficits for decades to come.

Lin points out that solar power is now the cheapest source of energy in many parts of the world and that all forecasts point to dramatic expansion of solar PV in the coming two decades. Conservative estimates forecast 300 gigawatts of solar PV production by 2027, up from the current level of about 200 gigawatts.

Management Team

Tyrone Docherty is President, Director and CEO of First Tellurium Corp. He previously served as President and CEO of Quinto Mining Inc., taking over when it had a market cap of $4 million. With limited resources in a difficult market environment, he raised more than $30 million and advanced Quinto’s Quebec iron ore property to a viable project. Quinto later sold for $175 million, with Quinto management taking shares of the purchaser, Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines, amounting to approximately 20-21% of that company. Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines sold two years later for $4.9 billion, giving the former Quinto team an enterprise value of approximately $1 billion. From 2012 to 2018, Mr. Docherty was Director and Chairman of Mason Graphite Inc. He has worked in the financial and minerals markets for more than 30 years.

Tony Fogarassy, M.Sc. LL.M., is Chairman of First Tellurium Corp. He is a lawyer and a geologist. His extensive legal and technical expertise includes minerals, oil and gas, coal and renewable energy projects and environmental and aboriginal/indigenous law in North America, Africa and Asia. He graduated as gold medalist in geological sciences from the University of British Columbia and in law from the London School of Economics.

First Tellurium Corp. (OTCQB: FSTTF), closed Monday's trading session at $0.06095, up 1.5833%, on 83,352 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.047785/$0.154.

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Sekur Private Data Ltd. (CSE: SKUR) (OTCQB: SWISF) (FRA: GDT0)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Sekur Private Data Ltd. (CSE: SKUR) (OTCQB: SWISF) (FRA: GDT0).

Sekur Private Data (CSE: SKUR) (OTCQB: SWISF) (FSE: GDT0), a leading Swiss-hosted secure and private communications platform, is featured in a recent "New to the Street" broadcast, slated to air on the Fox Business Network on March 11, 2024, at 10:30 p.m. PT. The episode features five corporate interviews, including the "Sekur Privacy & Sekur Security – Weekly Hack" segment with Sekur Private Data CEO Alain Ghiai, an internet privacy expert. During the segment, Alain and host Ana Berry discuss a recent FBI report about Chinese operatives cyberattacking America's energy grid and other critical infrastructure. The two note that while the warning is nothing new, the federal election cycle provides an opportunity for foreign entities to attempt to hack governmental and corporate databases as a form of election interference. Alain explains that 91% of hacks are from compromised email accounts and notes that individuals can limit possible cybersecurity problems by reducing social media posts. The security expert also observes that Sekur offers businesses, individuals and governmental entities affordable encrypted solutions, including SekurVPN, SekurMail and SekurMessenger subscription services, to protect against possible email compromises. FMW Media's "New to the Street" is one of the longest-running U.S. and International sponsored and syndicated Nielsen-rated programming television brands. Since 2009, the program has run biographical interview segment shows across major U.S. television networks.

To view the full press release, visit

Sekur Private Data Ltd. (CSE: SKUR) (OTCQB: SWISF) (FRA: GDT0) is a Cybersecurity and Internet privacy provider of Swiss hosted solutions for secure and private communications. The company distributes a suite of encrypted e-mails, secure messengers and secure communication tools. Sekur Private Data Ltd. sells its products through its own website at, approved distributors, and telecommunications companies. Sekur Private Data Ltd. serves consumers, businesses and governments worldwide.

Customer information is completely confidential and safely stored in Switzerland using military grade security. All data, whether physical, network-based or encryption security, is stored in bank-approved, state-of-the-art ISO-certified data centers used by Swiss and global banks and most United Nations organizations, as well as many corporations and governmental organizations. All user data is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance, which offer some of the strongest privacy protection in the world for both individuals and organizations.

The company owns 100% of its own infrastructure and, unlike its competitors, does not rely on third party cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Cloud or Google cloud infrastructure.

Sekur Private Data has chosen Switzerland to locate its data storage because of the country’s neutrality, independence, strong privacy laws, long standing political stability and excellent international relations. Switzerland is also home to several large multinational corporations and is ranked as having one of the strongest and most competitive economies in the world.

The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.


Sekur Private Data distributes a privacy communications suite offering encrypted and private email, the only Swiss-hosted privacy VPN, and a secure and private messaging application. All solutions cater to consumers, SMBs, enterprises and governments.

  • SekurMail® is an encrypted email service offering a private, safe and powerful tool to communicate with everyone, either within the Sekur ecosystem or outside. SekurMail protects personal information and communications from being accessed by unauthorized parties. Its encryption and other security measures prevent messages from being intercepted, modified or tampered with, either in transit or while stored. SekurMail empowers the client to access information and communicate with anyone in the world, regardless of geographical or political barriers.
  • SekurVPN® creates a secure, encrypted connection between the client’s device and the Internet, giving clients access to the web safely and privately by routing their connections through a server and hiding their online actions. All the data sent and received is hidden from prying eyes. This includes the clients’ Internet Service Providers, as well as potential hackers and even government surveillance agencies. It can also help clients bypass geographical restrictions and censorship.
  • SekurMessenger® is a Swiss-hosted private and secure messaging communications app providing secure and private chat, self-deleting chat, voice recording and file transfer via any mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. Communications are transmitted only within secure servers. It’s designed for organizations that need to protect their flow of information and secure their communications with customers and partners. SekurMessenger is designed to provide military-grade encryption and privacy by ensuring that only the sender and intended recipient can read the messages exchanged. It works for both licensed users of the app and intended message recipients who do not have the app.

Market Opportunity

An analysis from ReportLinker forecasts that the global cybersecurity market will grow from an estimated $173.5 billion in 2022 to $266.2 billion by 2027, recording a CAGR of 8.9% for the period.

The increased number of data breaches worldwide, the ability of malicious actors to operate from anywhere in the world, the links between cyberspace and physical systems and the difficulty of reducing vulnerabilities and consequences in complex cyber networks are some factors that are driving cybersecurity market growth, according to the report.

The global data privacy software market was estimated to be worth $1.68 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow from $2.36 billion in 2022 to $25.85 billion by 2029, achieving an eye-popping 40.8% CAGR during the forecast period, according to a Fortune Business Insights report titled ‘Data Privacy Software Market 2022-2029’.

The widespread shift toward remote working culture, evolving government data privacy regulations and the rapidly increasing adoption of Internet-of-Things devices are among the major factors propelling market growth, per the report.

Management Team

Alain Ghiai is founder, CEO and Director at Sekur Private Data. He also founded GlobeX Data S.A. (GDSA) in 2007 and has served as Director and CEO since then. He founded GlobeX Data Inc. (GlobeX US) in August 2012 and has served as Director and CEO since that time. He attended the California College of Arts in San Francisco, where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture. He has over 15 years of experience in the software industry and was instrumental in taking Sekur Private Data public in July 2019.

Scott Davis, CPA, CGA, is CFO at Sekur Private Data. He is also a partner at Cross Davis & Company LLP Chartered Professional Accountants. His experience includes CFO positions at several companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. He spent four years at Appleby as an Assistant Financial Controller. Prior to that, he spent two years at Davison & Company Chartered Professional Accountants as Auditor, five years with Pacific Opportunity Capital as Accounting Manager and two years at Jacobson Soda and Hosak, Chartered Professional Accountants. He obtained his CPA, CGA in 2003.

Learn more about the company’s management team by visiting its corporate page.

Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQB: SWISF), closed Monday's trading session at $0.0527, up 1.3462%, on 23,628 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0394/$0.1576.

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Software Effective Solutions Corp. (OTC: SFWJ)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Software Effective Solutions Corp. (OTC: SFWJ).

Marijuana contains more than 100 compounds, the major ones being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Of the two primary compounds, THC induces a high when consumed while CBD does not. Research has found that some of marijuana's compounds safeguard the brain's neurons. Some of marijuana's antioxidant properties can also fight oxidative stress, which influences aging. Oxidative stress refers to a disruption in the balance between antioxidant defenses and the production of free radicals in the body. This field of study is also still growing, with researchers working toward better understanding how marijuana affects the aging process and if it enhances quality of life. In the meantime, people accessing cannabis products from licensed companies such as Software Effective Solutions Corp. (d/b/a MedCana) (OTC: SFWJ) can continue using those products for medical or recreational reasons, as long as they avoid excessive consumption. Anything taken in excess can have unwelcome effects.

Software Effective Solutions Corp. (d/b/a MedCana) (OTC: SFWJ) is a global infrastructure and holding company in the cannabis industry. MedCana currently has five companies focused on pharmaceutical cannabis production, as well a software company focused on managing processes for plant-to-patient operations. The recent acquisition of an irrigation and greenhouse technology company has rounded out MedCana’s portfolio of holdings.

MedCana’s focus is on developing clients and companies in Latin America, initially in Colombia, and partnerships with laboratories, research facilities and hospitals throughout the world. MedCana is building the technology, laboratories, growing facilities and scientific teams to provide premium pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts to the world.

MedCana’s goal is to be the world’s premier resource for pharmaceutical cannabis products. The company believes its advantage is its global view and reach. From initial cultivation to final product, MedCana aims to help partners produce pharmaceutical CBD and other extracts that will have no equal.

The company’s mission is to utilize its technology to partner with and develop companies that provide premium pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts with absolute integrity, sustainability and social responsibility. MedCana’s team of pharmaceutical scientists includes some of the most respected chemists in the world. They aim to ensure that the company’s customers and partners create premium cannabis extracts that meet the growing worldwide demand. MedCana’s software is designed to ensure traceability and quality from seed to finished product.

MedCana is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Colombia.


MedCana announced in May 2023 the beginning of full-scale production of non-THC cannabis for export to Europe in response to high demand in that market. This expansion comes after the successful completion of full crop cycle testing and infrastructure development at production sites in Columbia.

The recent acquisition of the assets of Tokan Corp., a software company focused on creating an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for the cannabis industry, and Eko2O S.A.S., a greenhouse and irrigation engineering company, has positioned MedCana for explosive growth in the region.

As a MedCana subsidiary, Eko2O SA will increase the company’s revenue potential in Central and South America. The subsidiary specializes in the construction and distribution of greenhouses and sophisticated irrigation platforms. A positive outlook has resulted from the company’s expansion as it investigates new opportunities for greenhouse and irrigation system installations in Panama and Uruguay. These opportunities are expected to accelerate Eko2O’s development and strengthen its position as a top supplier of innovative agricultural solutions in cannabis and other sectors that are quickly moving to high technology agricultural production.

In addition, MedCana has started talks with the government in Argentina about possible incentives for beginning operations in that country as part of its ongoing worldwide development strategy. Support from the Argentinean government and the start of new operations there would greatly increase MedCana’s market share in Latin America and solidify the company’s position as the market leader in the cannabis industry.

Market Opportunity

According to a report by Grand View Research, a San Francisco-based market research and consulting company, the global cannabis extract market was valued at $3.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 20% from 2023 to 2030 to be worth more than $15 billion.

Growing demand for cannabis extracts, including oils and tinctures, and the increased legalization of marijuana for the treatment of different chronic ailments like arthritis, Alzheimer’s, anxiety and cancer are driving the expansion of the industry. The marijuana derivative industry is flourishing due to a greater understanding of its various medical benefits.

Management Team

Jose Gabriel Diaz is CEO of MedCana. He has successfully built, grown and sold multiple telecom companies. He was senior vice president of sales at IP Communications, a national high-speed data provider. He also founded Reallinx, a national data carrier later sold to GTT Communications. Additionally, he is currently president of the A.E.M. Business and Entrepreneurship Association in Austin, Texas.

Claudio Jiménez Cartagena, QF, Ph.D. is Chief Scientific Officer at MedCana. He joined MedCana after working with Sosteli Pharma as Technical Director and serving as a director consultant for the Corporation for Agricultural Industrial Development at the University of Antioquia in Colombia. Before that, he worked as the scientific director at the Institute of Food Science & Technology. He holds a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical chemistry, a master’s degree in basic biomedical sciences and a doctoral degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Antioquia.

Julián Alberto Londoño Londoño, Ph.D., is Senior Vice President of Operations at MedCana. He previously served as general manager for the Corporation for Agricultural Industrial Development, and as Chief Scientific Officer at Sosteli Pharma in the Resource Management Department. He has developed multiple U.S. patents, and recently served as senior advisor to the Secretariat of Agriculture Development for the Government of Antioquia. He holds a doctorate in Chemical Sciences from the University of Antioquia.

Software Effective Solutions Corp. (OTC: SFWJ), closed Monday's trading session at $0.034, even for the day. The average volume for the last 3 months is and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.000001/$0.09.

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Astiva Health

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Astiva Health

Astiva Health, a leading healthcare provider that specializes in delivering personalized and comprehensive healthcare solutions to diverse communities, is carving out a niche as a rapidly growing Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug ("MAPD") health plan in a landscape where more individuals are becoming eligible for Medicare. "Astiva stands out by redefining personalized and comprehensive healthcare standards… Astiva is redefining healthcare standards by improving member services, medical care, prescription coverage, and supplemental benefits. The company also offers multilingual solutions and educational resources, ensuring all members receive effective and culturally attuned care," a recent article reads. "Astiva Health is dedicated to innovative health plans that meet the unique requirements of its members, emphasizing a culturally responsive healthcare model and serving underserved populations. This not only addresses critical societal needs but also positions Astiva to capitalize on significant market growth potential. Astiva Health's goal is to foster lasting relationships and improve the overall well-being of the communities it serves."

To view the full article, visit

Astiva Health is a dynamic and innovative Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) health plan committed to reshaping the landscape of personalized and comprehensive healthcare. The company offers full medical, drugs, and supplemental benefits for Medicare enrollees, currently serving counties in California, including Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino. This broad coverage reflects Astiva Health’s dedication to reaching a diverse demographic and addressing the healthcare needs of individuals across Southern California.

Astiva Health primarily serves a heretofore underserved Asian American and Pacific Islander population, which positions it in a critical and expanding market segment and offers substantial growth potential. The company recognizes the diverse needs within its served communities and strives to bridge healthcare gaps through proactive and culturally responsive solutions.

Astiva Health cares about its members and works to establish lifelong relationships with them by providing a tailored approach to healthcare, offering multilingual solutions for customer service, marketing materials and educational resources. Health is an essential key to living a good life, and Astiva Health makes it a priority to help members love the life they live.

The company’s mission is to deliver an unparalleled level of quality care to its members. Astiva Health’s Medicare Advantage plans provide lower costs and additional benefits beyond original Medicare coverage.

Founded in southern California, Astiva Health has strategically positioned itself in a region with a dynamic and diverse population. The organization’s extensive network and culturally responsive approach to healthcare make it well-suited to cater to the needs of the local community, creating a competitive advantage in the market.

The company is based in Orange, California.

Healthcare Model

Astiva Health is not just another health plan. The company considers the uniqueness of its members and, therefore, the means for delivering quality care to each one. To best serve its members, Astiva Health has developed one of the most diverse networks in southern California, offering a selection of medical, drugs, and supplemental benefits including dental, acupuncture, vision and hearing plans tailored to the specialized needs of individual members.

The company’s health plans provide increasing levels of benefits to members in the counties it serves. Astiva Health’s Customer Care Support and representatives are available to assist members with any issues.

The organization’s proactive approach to overcoming language barriers for the Vietnamese communities demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and enhances accessibility – a key factor for future growth. The successful implementation of strategies for the Vietnamese community sets a precedent for Astiva Health’s ability to adapt and apply similar approaches to serve other ethnic groups in future expansions, broadening the potential impact of its services.

The company provides members access to experienced and dedicated providers and local pharmacies that work together with each member to pave a pathway toward better health. The company’s online directory provides members with a comprehensive list of providers to fit their specialized needs.

Astiva Health collaborates with a variety of partners who offer supplemental benefits to members beyond Medicare. Those benefits include transportation, vision, dental, hearing, fitness, tele-health, acupuncture and chiropractic. Astiva’s forward-thinking strategy not only fulfills a critical societal need but also ensures sustainable growth and transformative impact across diverse communities.

Market Opportunity

Medicare Advantage plans, since their establishment in 2008 as a lower-cost alternative for Medicare enrollees looking to save on monthly premiums, have been one of the fastest growing segments of the health insurance market.

According to a report by healthcare consultant Charts, nearly 31 million beneficiaries are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan in 2023, accounting for more than 48% of the total Medicare market. That represents 9.6% enrollment growth over 2022 totals, and the pace of growth is likely to continue, according to the Charts report.
Startup Medicare Advantage plans, a sector that includes Astiva Health, grew even faster for 2023, at a rate of 22% over 2022 totals.

Management Team

Dr. Tri T. Nguyen is co-founder and CEO of Astiva Health. He is a graduate of Stanford Medical School and is a board-certified expert in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease and interventional cardiology. As founder, CEO and owner/operator of Avanta IPA, he is a committed leader in healthcare. His visionary leadership, hands-on experience and deep industry knowledge uniquely position him to guide Astiva to success.

Chi Luong is CFO at Astiva Health. She founded and operates HADD Group LLC, a company managing medical clinic services, including business contracting, finance, staffing and ancillary support for several medical clinics in San Diego. She is responsible for the expansion and daily operation of the business functions of the medical clinics managed by HADD Group, and she has extensive knowledge and experience in healthcare business development.

Viet Tran has over 30 years of experience in engineering research, development and management. He has made numerous contributions to national network security and technology. He led the initial Naval Interoperability Profiles that set a solid foundation for future naval airborne network development. He also led a team of 50 engineers, doctorates and scientists delivering an airborne network system for the Navy’s first carrier-based unmanned aircraft. As Astiva Health’s Chief Operating and Technology Officer, member satisfaction has been his top priority. He is committed to protecting valuable data for Astiva members and providers. He constantly strives for leaner and more effective operations.

Tyler Diep is Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Provider Relations at Astiva Health. His responsibilities include handling special projects for the board of directors, as well as overseeing the sales, marketing and provider relations department. During his tenure, he tripled the membership of Astiva Health. He previously served as councilman and vice mayor of the City of Westminster, California. He immigrated to the U.S. with his parents and graduated from San Diego State with a bachelor’s degree in public administration.

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Astrotech Corp. (NASDAQ: ASTC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Astrotech Corp. (NASDAQ: ASTC).

Astrotech (NASDAQ: ASTC), a science and technology company focused on commercializing its innovative platform mass spectrometry technology through its wholly owned subsidiaries, recently released financial results for Q2 2024. "The company recorded a 512% jump in its year-to-date (‘YTD') revenue to $1,540,000 from $301,000 in the comparative period a year before. Astrotech attributed this growth primarily to two significant purchase orders for the TRACER 1000(TM) explosive trace detectors (‘ETDs') to customers in Romania, which the company, through 1st Detect Corp., successfully delivered on. The subsidiary 1st Detect develops, manufactures and sells mass-spectrometer-based trace detectors – including the TRACER 1000(TM), the world's first mass spectrometer-based ETD – for use in the security and detection markets," a recent article reads. "A recent SNS Insider article confirms that ‘the Explosive Trace Detection Market is witnessing significant growth driven by increasing security concerns, particularly in transportation, critical infrastructure and public spaces.' Specifically, it indicates: ‘The Explosive Trace Detection Market, valued at USD 1137.50 million in 2022, is projected to achieve a significant milestone, reaching USD 2250.60 million by 2030.' This market is yet another fast-growing and important opportunity for 1st Detect and the superior mass spectrometry technology it offers."

To view the full article, visit

Astrotech Corp. (NASDAQ: ASTC) is an instrumentation company that designs, manufactures and commercializes solutions. Its solutions include mass spectrometry, process controls, chemical detectors and medical disease detection.

The company was established in 1984 and, prior to 2009, was known as SPACEHAB Inc., a NASA contractor offering technology originally developed for NASA to monitor air quality on the International Space Station. When the Space Shuttle program ended, the company focused on its satellite processing and mass spectrometer instrumentation units and adopted the Astrotech name.

In 2014, Astrotech sold its satellite subsidiary to focus on its Astrotech Technology Inc. (ATi) mass spectrometry solutions, which offer a number of advantages over competing platforms. Notably, Astrotech’s ATi technology is ruggedized, rapid, simple to use and customizable, with hands-free calibration and tuning.

Between 2016 and 2019, the company secured U.S. patents for its technology and achieved European Union (ECAC) certification for the TRACER 1000™, the world’s first mass-spec Explosives Trace Detector (ETD) used in airports worldwide. Astrotech continues to innovate and add to its suite of products, including AgLAB-1000, a process control system, and the BreathTest 1000, a disease detection solution.

Astrotech is headquartered in Austin, Texas.


Astrotech Technologies Inc.

Astrotech Technologies Inc. (ATi) owns and licenses the platform mass spectrometry technology originally developed by 1st Detect. This technology is designed to be less expensive, smaller and easier to use than traditional mass spectrometers.

Unlike other technologies, ATi works under high vacuum, which eliminates competing molecules, yielding higher resolution and fewer false alarms. The company’s intellectual property includes 18 granted patents, along with extensive trade secrets.

ATi exclusively licenses the Astrotech Mass Spectrometer Technology to the three wholly owned subsidiaries of Astrotech.

1st Detect Corp.

1st Detect Corp. developed the TRACER 1000, the world’s first mass spectrometry-based explosives and narcotics trace detector. 1st Detect ETDs were developed for use at airports, cargo facilities and other secured locations and borders worldwide.

1st Detect’s commercial sales of the TRACER 1000 ETD, consumables and recurring maintenance services brought in $750,000 in total revenue during the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023. The Astrotech subsidiary recently secured two orders for a total of 24 Tracer 1000 units from two Romanian security and telecommunications companies, to be delivered during calendar 2023.

AgLAB Inc.

AgLAB Inc. is developing a series of mass spectrometers for use in the hemp and cannabis market, with an initial focus on optimizing yields in the distillation processes.

AgLAB, which uses the company’s proprietary AgLAB 1000-D2™ mass spectrometer, has been proven to improve distillation oil yields and bottom-line profits for hemp and cannabis producers. During field trials, AgLAB was able to improve ending-weight yields by an average of 24%.

BreathTech Corp.

BreathTech is developing the BreathTest-1000™, a breath analysis tool to screen for volatile organic compound (“VOC”) metabolites found in a person’s breath that could indicate they may have a compromised condition including but not limited to a bacterial or viral infection. The company believes that new tools to aid in the battle against COVID-19 and other diseases remain of the utmost importance to help more quickly identify that an infection may be present.

Market Opportunity

A report by Mordor Intelligence, a research and advisory firm, put the global mass spectrometry market at $6.37 billion in 2023. The market is forecast to grow to $8.63 billion by 2028, achieving a CAGR of 6.25% during the forecast period.

One of the major driving factors for the growth of the mass spectrometry market is technological advancements in mass spectrometer devices, the report states. Key market players are continuously working toward advancing their existing products and launching innovative and advanced mass spectrometer devices.

Another major factor that is expected to boost market growth is increasing research and development expenditure by both government and private entities, according to the report. Mass spectrometry devices are also being used in the detection and analysis of COVID-19 and other disease samples, which may have a positive impact on the market.

Management Team

The Astrotech leadership team includes management executives, as well as industry and technology experts. The company continues to actively expand its talent pool to meet evolving demands.

Thomas B. Pickens III is Chairman, CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Astrotech Corp. He also serves as CEO of Astrotech subsidiaries ATi, 1st Detect, AgLAB Inc. and BreathTech Corp. Previously, he was the founder and president of Beta Computer Systems Inc. and T.B. Pickens & Co. He was founder and general partner of Grace Pickens Acquisition Partners L.P and managing partner of Sumpter Partners. He also served as CEO of Catalyst Energy Corporation and United Thermal Corporation and as president of Golden Bear Corp., United Hydro Inc. and Slate Creek Corp. He received a B.A. in Economics, Computer Science and Engineering from Southern Methodist University.

Jaime Hinojosa, CPA, is CFO at Astrotech Corp. He joined the company in 2015 and has served as its Corporate Controller since 2019. His previous roles with the company include Director of Finance, from 2017 to 2019, and Assistant Controller, from 2015 to 2017. Prior to joining Astrotech, Mr. Hinojosa worked as an Accounting Manager for O’Reilly Auto Parts and gained public accounting experience as an Audit Manager at Burton McCumber & Cortez LLP.

Astrotech Corp. (NASDAQ: ASTC), closed Monday's trading session at $7.6601, off by 4.2488%, on 2,239 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is and the stock's 52-week low/high is $7.00/$15.11.

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Vision Marine Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: VMAR)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Vision Marine Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: VMAR).

China is close to hitting its solar and wind power targets six years ahead of schedule despite dealing with a myriad of economic hurdles, a think tank has revealed. According to a report from the Beijing Institute of Technology's Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, China is on track to install more than 200 million kilowatts of new wind and solar capacity this year, bringing the east Asian nation close to achieving its free-energy goals. The country is overwhelmingly reliant on fossil fuels to heat its massive population and power its industrial economy. As a result, it produces more emissions than any other country in the world. Solar power could also aid in the recovery and development of China's economy. Technology is steadily becoming a key driver of high-quality economic development in China, Beijing Institute of Technology professor Yu Biying says. Alongside new energy cars and lithium-ion batteries, solar technology is replacing items such as home appliances, furniture and apparel as China's top exports. In other regions of the world, entities such as Vision Marine Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: VMAR) are helping to green up the energy used by the boating industry, an industry known for guzzling fossil fuels, particularly in the recreational segment.

Vision Marine Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: VMAR) is a global leader and innovator within the performance electric recreational boating industry. The company is engaged in designing and manufacturing electric outboard powertrain systems and related technology. It strives to be a guiding force for change and an ongoing driving factor in fighting the problems associated with waterway pollution by disrupting the traditional boating industry with electric power, in turn directly contributing to zero pollution, zero emission and a noiseless environment.

Vision Marine manufactures hand-crafted, highly durable, low maintenance, environmentally friendly electric recreational powerboats. The company’s business segments include the sale and rental of electric boats, with the majority of its revenue attributable to electric boat sales.

The designs and technology applied to Vision Marine’s boats result in enhanced performance, higher speeds and longer range. Put simply, Vision Marine boats offer a smoother ride than a traditional internal combustion engine motorboat.

The company is headquartered in Montreal.


Vision Marine’s flagship E-Motion™ 180E electric marine powertrain is the first fully electric outboard powertrain combining advanced battery pack, inverter and high efficiency motor with proprietary union assembly between the transmission and motor. Vision Marine’s E-Motion and related technologies in this system utilize extensive control software and are uniquely designed to improve the efficiency of the outboard powertrain. As a result, both range and performance are enhanced.

More than a powerful electric outboard motor, the 180E is a complete powertrain package. The high-tech, marine-specific motor is equipped with multi-sensor captors and independent cooling, providing 180 horsepower.

An onboard charging system allows for quick and easy charging from any shore outlet, whether the vessel is in or out of the water. It implements cutting-edge marine battery packs that are IP67 certified and built to withstand the harshest marine environments. The system is glycol cooled with a controlled heat exchanger, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. A stainless-steel casing protects the battery from corrosion and physical damage over time.

The 180E is built to be integrated with many boat models produced by other marine manufacturers. Since boat manufacturers rarely build their own engines, instead choosing to source them from engine manufacturers, Vision Marine believes the 180E propulsion system can in the future end up powering nearly every recreational boat.

Market Opportunity

According to a report from Future Market Insights, a certified market research organization, the global electric boats market is expected to grow from a value of $5.6 billion in 2023 to $15.1 billion by 2033, achieving a CAGR of 10.4% during the forecast period.

Factors driving growth include rising seaborne commerce activities, a flourishing marine tourism industry and stringent emissions regulations aimed at reducing pollution. In addition, government support for electric speedboat adoption, advances in technological development and research and forecast expansion of needed charging infrastructure are credited as growth drivers.

An emphasis on reducing carbon emissions and encouraging consumer adoption of eco-friendly boats is also likely to drive expansion of the market, the report states.

Management Team

Alexandre Mongeon is Co-Founder and CEO of Vision Marine Technologies. He has served as CEO since 2014. Prior to that, he imported high-performance boats from the United States to Canada for more than 15 years. During much of that time, he also worked as a designer and contractor and managed several new construction projects on the waterfront in and around Montreal. He is a graduate of the School of Construction in Laval, Quebec, with a specialization in electrical systems.

Xavier Montagne is Chief Technical Officer at Vision Marine. Prior to joining the company, he was the CEO of Mac Engineering for six years. While there, he was the electric powerline architect of the Renault Trezor concept car (awarded 2016 Best Concept Car), technical designer of the Zoe E-sport race car driven in Formula-E races from 2016-2019 and senior battery designer for Forsee Power, SAFT, Renault and Peugeot in Europe, to mention a few of the many projects he headed. He received an electronic engineer diploma from IFITEP Paris Polytech in France.

Kulwant Sandher is CFO at Vision Marine. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant with more than 25 years of experience in business and finance. He has served as CFO of multiple public and private companies, including ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp., MineSense Technologies Inc., Alba Mineral Ltd., Delta Oil & Gas, Astorius Resources Ltd., Norsemont Mining Inc. and Intigold Mines Ltd. He graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London.

Vision Marine Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: VMAR), closed Monday's trading session at $0.7518, off by 0.896388%, on 24,274 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.69/$5.60.

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PaxMedica Inc. (NASDAQ: PXMD)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight PaxMedica Inc. (NASDAQ: PXMD).

One in 36 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder ("ASD") – with ASD four times more common among boys than girls

The SenseToKnow app accurately predicted eventual autism diagnoses in a group of 475 children – according to the study, performance was similar across sex, race, and ethnicity

PaxMedica is leveraging historical data on the drug suramin to fund trials aimed at treating Autism Spectrum Disorder and Fragile X-Associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome

According to the CDC, about 1 in 36 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder ("ASD") – with ASD four times more common among boys than girls ( Currently, there is no medical test to diagnose ASD, and families often face a delay in receiving a diagnosis. Doctors must rely on developmental history and the behavior of the child to make an ASD diagnosis. A diagnosis in girls and children with minority backgrounds often has a longer wait time due to the challenges in finding appropriate experts and the variable symptoms that accompany the disorder.

In a study published in Nature Magazine, researchers introduced a digital screening device that uses machine learning to analyze different behavioral aspects to assess the likelihood of childhood ASD. The SenseToKnow app accurately predicted eventual autism diagnoses in a group of 475 children – according to the study, performance was similar across sex, race, and ethnicity ( PaxMedica (NASDAQ: PXMD), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of novel anti-purinergic therapies ("APTs") for the treatment of ASD and other serious conditions with intractable neurologic symptoms, is focusing its lead program on ASD, which there is no approved pharmacologic treatment targeting cause and symptoms. The current ASD treatments only address the symptoms of the condition but do not target the pathophysiology itself. PaxMedica is on a promising path to address the unmet medical needs of families with ASD – bringing hope to millions.

Decades ago, researchers believed that autism disoder affected one in every 2,500 kids. Today, it is estimated that one in 36 kids have the disorder. Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that affects how an individual interacts with other people, behaves, communicates and learns. While this disorder can be diagnosed at any age, symptoms often appear in the first two years of life. Research has found that between 1998 and 2018, there has been a more than 780% increase in the number of autism cases in the United Kingdom. This significant increase is partly because of a deeper understanding and awareness of the disorder, as well as the number of physicians who can diagnose the neurological condition. As the experts dig into why cases of autism are on the rise, enterprises such as PaxMedica Inc. (NASDAQ: PXMD) are investing in research and development to come up with formulations targeting this growing concern.

PaxMedica Inc. (NASDAQ: PXMD) is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of novel anti-purinergic therapies (APTs) for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other serious conditions with intractable neurologic symptoms.

The company’s lead programs are focused on ASD, for which there are currently no approved pharmacologic treatments that target its cause and symptoms. Currently used treatments only address the symptoms of the condition, rather than targeting the pathophysiology itself.

PaxMedica is on a promising path to address these unmet medical needs, bringing hope to millions. Anti-purinergic therapies target the excess production of purines in cells. An overexpression of purines can offset homeostasis and result in an overproduction of cellular adenosine triphosphate, the main energy molecule in all living cells.

The company is headquartered in Tarrytown, New York.

Product Pipeline

PaxMedica is building a robust pipeline of products targeting ASD and related neurodevelopmental conditions. The company’s lead product in development may help eliminate, reduce or modulate some of the more troublesome aspects of ASD. That would open the potential for people with autism to integrate their behavior with others more successfully and improve their lives.

PaxMedica’s lead programs, PAX-101 and PAX-102, utilize the company’s proprietary source of suramin sodium, a broadly acting anti-purinergic therapy that has been known for over 100 years. Its current pipeline includes:

  • PAX-101 (IV Suramin) for ASD – PAX-101 completed a Phase 2B study for ASD in 2021. Suramin is a broadly acting APT and has reported positive results from a dose range study. The results of PaxMedica’s Phase 2B study, which targeted 52 subjects across six sites in South Africa, were presented to AACAP in October 2021.
  • PAX-102 (Intranasal Suramin) – PaxMedica has developed a proprietary intranasal formulation of suramin that is currently being evaluated in ASD and other neurodevelopmental conditions.
  • PAX-101 for HAT – Given suramin’s historical use as a treatment for Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT), or African Sleeping Sickness, the company is also developing PAX-101 as a treatment for HAT. PaxMedica’s most advanced program is the pursuit of PAX-101 for early-stage East African HAT.
  • Selective APTs – PaxMedica has conducted several preclinical studies to evaluate other APTs that are more selective to specific purinergic receptors and may offer additional benefits over suramin.

Market Opportunity

According to a report by Fortune Business Insights, a leading global market research company, the global ASD therapeutics market was estimated at $1.93 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow from $2.01 billion in 2023 to $3.42 billion by 2030, a CAGR of 7.9% over the forecast period. As there is no current treatment for the core symptoms of autism, PaxMedica believes the addressable market for PAX-101, if approved, could greatly exceed these forecasts.

Autistic disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome and Pervasive Development Disorder are the three main types of ASD, affecting millions of people globally. A 2020 report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention estimated that one in 36 children in the U.S. have been diagnosed with autism disorder.

Several factors are expected to contribute to market growth prospects. A growing prevalence of the condition globally and rising awareness coupled with available treatment options are key factors expected to drive ASD therapeutics market growth during the forecast period. Growing investment in R&D to find effective treatments is also expected to fuel global market growth.

Management Team

Howard Weisman is Chairman and CEO of PaxMedica. He has been a founder and CEO of several specialty pharma and medical device companies. Most recently, he was executive chairman and co-founder of Sofregen, a biotech company. He also served as CEO and president of Seventh Sense Biosystems, a medical device development company. He also was founder, chairman and CEO of EKR Therapeutics, a specialty pharmaceutical company, and founder and COO of ESP Pharma, a company focused on cardio and neurovascular products. He has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Rutgers University.

David Hough, M.D., is Chief Medical Officer at PaxMedica. He is a neuroscience clinical development consultant who previously served as vice president at Janssen Research and Development and in various leadership roles over 17 years. Most recently, he was the compound development team leader for SPRAVATO® for treatment-resistant depression. Prior to that, he was the schizophrenia disease area leader. He played a pivotal role in the development programs for oral INVEGA®, INVEGA SUSTENNA® and XEPLION® for schizophrenia. He is a graduate of West Point and is board certified in psychiatry.

Stephen Sheldon is COO and CFO at PaxMedica. He has served as CEO of Thailand-based specialty healthcare company Indochina Healthcare Co. Ltd. since 2015. Previously, he was a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers Healthcare Advisory in the Chicago office. He was responsible for developing specialty pharmacy patient programs, strategy development for specialty products and compliance programs. He has an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a bachelor’s degree in computer science and visual arts from Bowdoin College.

PaxMedica Inc. (NASDAQ: PXMD), closed Monday's trading session at $0.6767, off by 0.89338%, on 81,200 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.372/$48.45.

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Clene Inc. (NASDAQ: CLNN)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Clene Inc. (NASDAQ: CLNN).

Clene Inc. (NASDAQ: CLNN) is a late clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on improving mitochondrial health and protecting neuronal function to treat neurodegenerative diseases, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis (MS).

Its lead drug candidate is CNM-Au8®, an oral suspension developed to restore neuronal health and function by increasing energy production and utilization by driving critical cellular energy producing reactions that enable neuroprotection and remyelination to increase neuronal and glial resilience to disease-relevant stressors. CNM-Au8 is being studied in various clinical trials, including the Harvard/MGH Healey ALS Platform clinical trial for patients with ALS; RESCUE-ALS, a completed proof-of-concept clinical trial in patients with early symptomatic ALS; the REPAIR trials, completed target engagement clinical trials showing brain energy metabolite change with CNM-Au8; and a completed MS clinical trial for the treatment of visual pathway deficits in chronic optic neuropathy for remyelination in stable relapsing MS. The company also has a nanotherapeutic platform of drug discovery.


CNM-Au8, Clene’s lead asset, is a highly concentrated aqueous suspension of catalytically active, clean-surfaced, faceted gold nanocrystals. Multiple pathogenic insults contribute to neuronal death. Mitochondrial dysfunction and NAD+ decline is a common final pathway in neurodegeneration, with NAD+ as a critical determinant of cell survival and function. CNM-Au8’s catalytic mechanisms target the energetic deficits, oxidative stress and accumulation of misfolded proteins that are common to many neurodegenerative diseases.

The unique catalytic mechanism of action of CNM-Au8 is hypothesized to act as a neuroprotective and remyelinating therapy in neurodegenerative disease states in order to: (1) drive, support and maintain beneficial metabolic and energetic cellular reactions within diseased, stressed and/or damaged cells, (2) directly catalyze the reduction of harmful, reactive oxygen species (“ROS”) and (3) promote protein homeostasis via activation of the heat shock factor-1 pathway, recognized to dampen the cytotoxicity caused by misfolded and denatured proteins, which are known to occur ubiquitously in neurodegenerative diseases.

CNM-Au8 is used in combination with other agents, has no known drug-drug interactions, and is designed to improve function and survival. The clinical effects of both function and survival were seen in its clinical ALS trials, as earlier announced.

More than 500 estimated years of collective exposure across ALS, MS, and Parkinson’s disease participants in CNM-Au8 clinical trials and Expanded Access Protocol (compassionate use) programs have been recorded without any observed safety signals.

CNM-Au8 is a federally registered trademark of Clene Inc. Clene, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with R&D and manufacturing operations in Maryland, began in 2013.

Market Opportunity

ALS is the most prevalent adult-onset progressive motor neuron disease, affecting approximately 30,000 people in the U.S. and an estimated 500,000 people worldwide, with a life expectancy of typically three to five years. Clene estimates that global ALS treatment sales will be greater than $1 billion annually within the coming few years. Additional treatments affecting daily function and survival remain the market need.

Additionally, there are more than 2 million MS patients globally, and Clene estimates the market size to be worth more than $23 billion annually. While the MS community has been successful at limiting relapses, non-relapsing MS patients continue to clinically deteriorate even while receiving effective immunomodulatory disease-modifying therapies (“DMTs”). A critical unmet medical need remains for therapeutic interventions that protect neuronal function and myelin health independent of immunomodulation to address progression independent of relapse activity.

Management Team

Robert Etherington is President, Director and CEO of Clene. He has more than 30 years of sales, marketing and leadership experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining Clene, he worked at Actelion Pharmaceuticals, the largest biopharma company in the European Union prior to its acquisition by Johnson & Johnson in 2017, where he led that company’s U.S. commercial operations. He began his pharmaceutical sales and marketing career at Parke-Davis, a division of Pfizer, where he rose to the position of Team Leader overseeing the drug Lipitor.

Mark Mortenson is Chief Science Officer at Clene. He is co-inventor of the technology platform developed to produce the company’s therapeutics. He is the inventor or co-inventor on 32 other U.S. patents and hundreds of corresponding international patents. He is a former chief patent counsel responsible for 5,500 U.S. and international patents and patent applications. He holds bachelor’s degrees in physics and ceramic engineering from Alfred University, a master’s degree in materials science from Penn State University and a J.D. from George Washington University.

Benjamin Greenberg, M.D., MHS, FAAN, is Head of Medical at Clene. He is an internationally recognized expert in disorders of the central nervous system. He is currently professor of neurology and Vice Chair of Clinical and Translational Research in the department of Neurology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins, a master’s degree in molecular microbiology and immunology from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and graduated from Baylor College of Medicine. He served residency in neurology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Morgan R. Brown is CFO at Clene. He has more than 30 years of finance and accounting experience, with 23 years at biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. He has served in similar roles at Lipocine Inc., Innovus Pharmaceuticals, World Heart Corp., Lifetree Clinical Research and NPS Pharmaceuticals Inc. He previously worked at accounting firm KPMG. He is a CPA with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Utah State University and an M.S. in business administration from the University of Utah.

Clene Inc. (NASDAQ: CLNN), closed Monday's trading session at $0.5, up 23.0012%, on 1,999,289 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 1.17M and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.25/$1.44.

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Electronic Servitor Publication Network Inc. (OTCQB: XESP)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Electronic Servitor Publication Network Inc. (OTCQB: XESP).

Electronic Servitor Publication Network Inc. (OTCQB: XESP) is a digital engagement company offering a managed service which provides digital activation and engagement solutions to companies that seek to optimize their growth. Its managed service is powered by a proven, proprietary technology – the Digital Engagement Engine™. This technology provides intelligent interaction management, dynamic content provisioning, and a logic-driven workflow, which creates digital experiences that accelerate an audience from awareness to action – driving growth.

Electronic Servitor Publication Network’s services are designed to drive growth for both established and developing organizations. Through the optimization of digital interactions within current and new communities, the Digital Engagement Engine™ ensures that client content is relevant, reaches the right audience, and connects with the intended person at the right time.

The company calls it ‘Growth as a Service’.

Client implementation is nearly effortless, since the solution is completely managed by the Electronic Servitor Publication Network team. This business model allows clients to focus on their brands, core product offerings, and content creation, while the company manages the technology and outcome.

The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Electronic Servitor Publication Network’s Digital Engagement Engine™ utilizes a combination of automation, unique data management, and a modern workflow built on a microservices architecture to achieve greater reach and lift. Using sophisticated data analysis and smart technology, the Digital Engagement Engine™ provides companies with the ability to maintain complete control of their content while creating meaningful relationships with new customers and revenue streams.

The Digital Engagement Engine™ isn’t just another marketing or technology tool; it’s a way to develop real connections with target markets.

Market Outlook

According to a report by, an award-winning market research firm, the global customer engagement solutions market was estimated at $19.3 billion in 2022 and is forecast to grow to $32.2 billion by 2027, achieving a CAGR of 10.8% during the forecast period.

The report notes that these engagement solutions are vital to companies seeking to widen their customer bases, reduce customer churn rates and increase customer retention. These perceived benefits of customer engagement solutions are likely to drive their growing adoption around the globe during the forecast period, according to the report.

Management Team

Peter Hager is President and CEO of Electronic Servitor. He joined the company from Pointward Inc., a medtech customer engagement agency that provided solutions to drive market entry, growth, and commercialization for Fortune 500 health care brands and medtech startups. He has founded and managed multiple technology, professional services and medtech organizations throughout his career. Mr. Hager holds a bachelor’s degree from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, with concentrations in economics and psychology.

Jim Kellogg is CFO of Electronic Servitor. He has served as the principal of J. Kellogg & Company Inc., a business and tax consultant, since 2005. He has provided legal support to clients’ business valuations, business interruption and divorce property valuations. He has worked as a professional tax adviser since 1983. Mr. Kellogg obtained his JD with emphasis on taxation from Western State University College of Law and was certified as a financial planner by the College for Financial Planning in 1990.

Thomas (Denny) Spruce, RPh, is COO of Electronic Servitor. He oversees company infrastructure, regulatory reporting, and strategic partner relationships, among other roles and responsibilities. He joined the company in March 2022 and, since that time, has implemented foundational support processes, developed contractual relationships with service providers, managed financial and regulatory reporting and overseen contract development and management with the legal team. Mr. Spruce obtained a BS in Pharmacy from the University of Arkansas.

Electronic Servitor Publication Network Inc. (XESP), closed Monday's trading session at $0.32, even for the day. The average volume for the last 3 months is 3,105 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.05/$0.55.

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Correlate Energy Corp. (OTCQB: CIPI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Correlate Energy Corp. (OTCQB: CIPI).

Correlate Energy Corp. (OTCQB: CIPI) is a publicly-traded company strategically positioned to capitalize on America’s unstoppable trend toward decentralized energy generation.

The energy grid in the U.S. is insufficient for the booming clean energy trend, and current infrastructure is limiting green energy distribution. Constructing the needed infrastructure to address this demand imbalance will cost billions and be far too slow, positioning decentralized systems, like those on offer from Correlate, in a key position for heightened demand.

Correlate has identified several key economic drivers powering the decentralized energy trend, including:

  1. Real Cost Savings – Customer pays zero money down and gets an instant electrical price discount to current rates.
  2. Massive Project Investment Funding – The International Energy Agency estimates that over one billion dollars per day will be invested in solar energy in 2023.
  3. Consistent Long-Term Incentives – The Inflation Reduction Act is a game-changer, supercharging renewables with $1.2 trillion in tax credits for 10 years of market support.
  4. Robust Customer Demand – Wood Mackenzie expects the U.S. solar industry to nearly triple in size over the next five years.

Correlate’s team of multi-decade experts who have worked with renowned global brands are positioning the company to make the most of this opportunity while consolidating a fragmented industry. Collectively, the team has developed, financed and deployed over $2 billion in clean energy projects to date.

Three-Pronged Strategy

Correlate is leveraging a three-pronged strategy aimed at driving shareholder value:

  1. Sell – Correlate seeks to finance, develop and profitably sell localized clean energy solutions and microgrids to industrial, commercial and residential customers.
  2. Retain – Correlate plans to retain ownership of some of these energy systems and thereby realize ongoing, reliable cash flow.
  3. Acquire – Correlate seeks to acquire proven renewable energy companies in order to exponentially grow earnings per share for investors.

This strategy is enhanced by current investment trends. Clean energy earnings are being sought after by investors. In Q4 2022, the median EBITDA multiple for green energy companies was 12.3x, according to Finerva.

Market Outlook

Over the next decade and beyond, renewable energy growth is expected to come primarily via decentralized systems like those offered by Correlate.
The Inflation Reduction Act enacted in late August 2022 is likewise expected to drive growth for the company by providing new tax incentives that reduce costs for clients and/or elevate returns to investors.

Commercial buildings consume more than 35% of the generated electricity in the U.S. and are underperforming in energy efficiency at every level. These buildings waste energy, emit too much carbon and are too costly for owners and occupants, but retrofits are not happening at the rate or scale needed.

In today’s real estate market, portfolio property owners own most commercial buildings, yet most building efficiency work is focused on single buildings, thereby missing the distinct needs of this owner class which are very different from traditional owner-occupiers. The diverse nature of commercial buildings, combined with technology and performance uncertainty, make simple energy optimization initiatives – which could greatly reduce energy use and improve building value – financially unattractive, resulting in slow adoption rates. CIPI’s financial instruments and software breakdown this issue, known as the ‘split incentive’, unlocking the majority of the addressable market.

A key portion of Correlate’s strategy relates to consolidation of what has been a fragmented industry. By uncovering opportunities to improve efficiencies through strategic M&A activities, the company intends to enhance profitability throughout its operations.

Management Team

Todd Michaels is President and CEO of CIPI and founder of Correlate. He formerly served as Vice President for Innovation at SunEdison and Senior Director Distributed Solar at NRG Energy. He founded Correlate in 2015 and has 16 years of experience in the energy industry. He graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems.

Channing Chen is CFO at CIPI and Correlate Inc. and brings over 16 years of experience in the solar industry as a developer, financier, and business unit leader. He has held executive management roles at Solar Power Partners (acquired by NRG Energy), where he was a founding employee, SunEdison, and NRG Energy (NYSE: NRG). Most recently, Mr. Chen was founder and Managing Partner at Breakaway Energy Partners LLC – a distributed energy financing and market-making platform. To date, Mr. Chen and his teams have raised over $1.5 billion in financing across residential, commercial, and utility scale solar and energy storage projects representing over 400 MWs. He holds a B.A. in Environmental Chemistry from the University of California at San Diego and an MBA from the University of Southern California. He is also an advisor and early-stage investor to several startup companies in the renewable energy space.

Dave Bailey is Chief Revenue Officer of Correlate Inc. With over 15 years of executive sales, supply chain management, and energy efficiency experience, he is responsible for ensuring the success of the National Commercial Sales Unit across multiple regional project teams. Mr. Bailey created and launched the Transformation Services team while at Wesco for its multibillion-dollar Distributed Energy Resource division, formerly Westinghouse. His focus was on IoT-enabled efficiency and plant floor automation-based services. Before that, he spent several years in Global Account Sales Management, with GE Supply as a Program Manager, and is a Commercial Leadership Program graduate. Mr. Bailey received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky.

Jed Freedlander is the company’s Chief Development Officer. He has a background in infrastructure development and investment and a strong legal, commercial and finance acumen. Mr. Freedlander has a proven track record in leading complex public-private partnership (P3) and energy transactions and is instrumental in driving Correlate’s strategic development initiatives.

Roger Baum is Executive VP Operations at Correlate. With over 20 years of experience at Core Construction, he brings to the company a wealth of knowledge and a strong track record in delivering successful commercial construction projects.

Jason Loyet is Director of Solar Energy for Correlate Inc. He is a cleantech executive with over 20 years of experience leading high growth solar energy and software start-ups. Mr. Loyet is a U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Catalyst award winner for his work building the Solar Site Design technology platform. Before joining the solar energy industry in 2005, he founded and sold two software companies in the streaming media (GlobalStreams) and newspaper publishing (MyCapture) industries. Mr. Loyet currently serves as a Member of the Board of Directors for the Tennessee Solar Energy Industry Association (TenneSEIA).

Correlate Energy Corp. (OTCQB: CIPI), closed Monday's trading session at $1.48, even for the day, on 74 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 3,755 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.3501/$2.35.

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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter brings you the latest company News and Profiles featuring the "Top Movers and Shakers" from the Small Cap Market each trading day. QualityStocks is committed to bring our subscribers Public companies in our Newsletter Section "Free of Charge" based on Percentage gained, Momentum, Press, and or Company Fundamentals.

Why do we spotlight companies for Free?
We Want To bring our subscribers the top movers in an unbiased setting.

"Homework Eliminates Mistakes"
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QualityStocks is compensated by the companies in The QS Company Corner. These companies will include a disclaimer with the amount and term of compensation.

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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter brings you the latest company News and Profiles featuring the "Top Movers and Shakers" from the Small Cap Market each trading day. QualityStocks is committed to bring our subscribers Public companies in our Newsletter Section "Free of Charge" based on Percentage gained, Momentum, Press, and or Company Fundamentals.

Why do we spotlight companies for Free?
We Want To bring our subscribers the top movers in an unbiased setting.

"Homework Eliminates Mistakes"
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