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GlycoMimetics (GLYC)

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GlycoMimetics Inc. (NASDAQ: GLYC) (FRA: GKO) is a clinical-stage biotechnology firm that is engaged in the research, discovery and development of new drug formulations that address unmet medical needs which result from various ailments like cancer in the U.S.

The firm has its headquarters in Rockville, Maryland and was incorporated in 2003, on April 4th, by John L. Magnani and Rachel K. King. It operates in the United States in the health care sector, under the biotech and pharma sub-industry.

The enterprise is party to a license and collaboration agreement with Apollomics, which entails the development and commercialization of GMI-1687 and uproleselan. In addition, it is also party to a cooperative research and development agreement with the National Cancer Institute. The enterprise is using its knowledge of carbohydrate biology and its expertise in carbohydrate chemistry to develop proprietary glycomimetic candidates that may prevent disease-related functions of carbohydrates, like the part it plays in infection, cancer and inflammation.

The company’s product pipeline is made up of programs, which include a carbohydrate binding protein dubbed Galectin-3 and an E-selectin antagonist, dubbed GMI-1687. It is also developing GMI-1359 to target chemokine receptors and E-selectin; and an E-selectin inhibitor dubbed uproleselan, which is used to treat relapsed/refractory acute myeloid leukemia, in combination with chemotherapy. Additionally, its GMI-1051 candidate had been indicated for the prevention or treatment of infections brought about by pseudomonas aeruginosa.

The firm’s uproleselan candidate recently received Breakthrough Therapy Designation from the China National Medical Products Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation as well as the FDA, for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, with results from phase 2 clinical trials showing that the formulation brought about better-than-expected remission rates. This means that the formulation may soon become an approved medication, which will not only be beneficial to patients whose needs will be met but also the company’s shares.

GlycoMimetics (GLYC), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.8202, up 19.3192%, on 509,348 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 52.692M and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.51/$2.26.

Neurobo Pharmaceuticals (NRBO)

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Neurobo Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: NRBO) is a clinical-stage biotechnology firm that is engaged in the provision of therapies for cardio-metabolic and neurodegenerative ailments as well as the coronavirus.

The firm has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and was incorporated in 2014, on November 30th. Prior to its name change, the firm was known as Gemphire Therapeutics Inc. It operates as part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, under the health care sector, in the biotech and pharma sub-industry. The firm serves consumers in the U.S. and has 3 companies in its corporate family.

The company’s pipeline is made up of a drug formulation dubbed NB-02 indicated for the treatment of cognitive impairment and helps alter the progression of neurodegenerative ailments like Alzheimer’s; and a formulation dubbed NB-01 that targets neuropathic pain and is focused on treating painful diabetic neuropathy. In addition to this, the company also develops an oral niclosamide formulation known as ANA001, which recently conclude phase 2 clinical trials evaluating its effectiveness in treating moderate coronavirus infections. This is in addition to Gemcabene, which has been developed to treat dyslipidemia, which is a severe medical condition that grows the risk of life-threatening cardiovascular diseases. This formulation also focuses on orphan indications like SHTG (severe hypertriglyceridemia) and HoFH (homozygous familial hypercholestrerolemia)

The firm recently released its financial results for 2021’s first quarter, with its CEO noting that they were focused on value-creating milestones with their programs, which are bound to bring in more investments into the firm.

Neurobo Pharmaceuticals (NRBO), closed Wednesday's trading session at $1.62, up 29.6%, on 52,998,600 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 27 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $1.18/$63.85.

Life Electric Vehicles (LFEV)

We reported earlier on Life Electric Vehicles (LFEV), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Life Electric Vehicles Holdings Inc. (OTC: LFEV) is a holding firm involved in designing, manufacturing and commercializing electric vehicles, with a focus on electric bikes.

The firm has its headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Prior to its name change, the firm was known as Second Street Capital Inc. It operates as part of the auto manufacturers industry, under the consumer cyclical sector. The firm serves consumers in the United States.

The company is focused on eliminating middle layer margins and restricted tariffs in order to offer lower prices for higher quality LEVs to its consumers. It has 7 trademarks and a USPTO approved drivetrain patent. The company plans to expand product lines to include 3-wheel and e-delivery products.

The enterprise develops proprietary products by designing unique electric vehicles and partnering with international fabricators to manufacture its individual components. Its product line comprises of e-bikes, three-wheel and e-delivery products. Its electric bike offerings include Genesis R 400, Islander 400, Phantom XR, Outlaw 400, Custom Color Cruiser Step-Thru and Custom Color Cruiser. The enterprise also offers manufacturing for private labels and the distribution of the individual components, including BMS systems, batteries, motors and controllers for all forms of battery-powered electric vehicles.

The global electric vehicle supply equipment market size is expected to have grown significantly by 2030, which positions the company well to occupy a larger market share. This will generate significant value for its shareholders while also opening it up to new growth and expansion opportunities.

Life Electric Vehicles (LFEV), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.858, even for the day, on 27 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 1 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.2255/$1.40.

Alliance Creative (ACGX)

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Alliance Creative Group Inc. (OTC: ACGX) is a creative packaging and digital engagement firm engaged in the provision of creative and design services.

The firm has its headquarters in East Dundee, Illinois and was incorporated in 2000, on June 1st. Prior to its name change in November 2010, the firm was known as Invicta Group Inc. It operates as part of the packaging and containers industry, under the consumer cyclical sector. The firm serves consumers in the United States.

The enterprise provides a range of services, including advertising campaigns, brand identity, art direction, graphic design, logo design, strategy and planning, website design, video production, collateral design, blog and keyword planning, package design, conversion copywriting, and photography. It also provides digital, commercial, direct mail, grand format, large format, offset, catalog, design support, outdoor signage, and web printing services; supply chain management services, like third-party logistics, vendor-managed inventory, trucking and distribution, and warehousing; and brand strategy, brand audit and research, content planning, communication planning, event planning, event advisory, and PR advisory services. The enterprise provides its services under the St. Louis Packaging, Snap Graphics, STL Graphics, CoporateGifts4aCause, Print4aCause and PeopleVine brand names to technology, automotive, gaming and electronics, music and entertainment, beauty and wellness, pet care, wines and spirits, home enhancement, food and beverage and sports industries.

The company’s latest financial results show significant increases in its revenues, with its CEO noting that they remained focused on expanding their business and creating more future value for its shareholders.

Alliance Creative (ACGX), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.137, even for the day, on 1 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 1,500 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.121/$0.45.

CirTran Corp. (CIRX)

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CirTran Corp. (OTC: CIRX) is a premier international full-service contract manufacturing firm that is engaged in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of a range of consumer products, including medical devices, tobacco products and beverages.

The firm has its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada and was incorporated in 1987 by Iehab J. Hawatmeh. It operates as part of the conglomerates industry, under the industrials sector. The firm serves consumers in the United States, with a primary focus on consumers in the state of Utah.

The company conducts operations through the following subsidiaries, i.e. CirTran - Asia, Inc., LBC Products Inc. and CirTran Products Corp.

The enterprise primarily specializes in designing, prototyping, packaging, marketing, inventory control, distribution, and warranty and order fulfillment services. It also offers design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, inventory control, distribution, shipping, warranty fulfillment and customer services. This is in addition to manufacturing, distributing and selling products like condoms, electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars, cigars, hookahs, hookah tobacco, energy drinks, water beverages and related merchandise, under the Hustler brand. The Flynt/Hustler operates under the Hustler trademark, which includes Hustler Casino, Larry Flynt's Hustler clubs, Hustler Hollywood adult retail stores, Larry Flynt's Lucky Lady Casino and DVD distribution.

The firm remains focused on expanding its product and service offerings and extending its reach. This will bring in additional revenues into the firm and extend its consumer reach across the country, which will positively influence investments into the company as well as the firm’s overall growth.

CirTran Corp. (CIRX), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.034, up 13.3333%, on 1,500 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 7,858 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.03/$0.09.

Mucinno Holding (MCNO)

We reported earlier on Mucinno Holding (MCNO), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Mucinno Holding Inc. (OTC: MCNO) is a development stage firm that is focused on mining activities, such as the extraction and transportation of minerals and aggregates.

The firm has its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan and was incorporated in 1995, on March 27th. Prior to its name change as a result of a merger between Grupo Cu4tro and Mucinno Holding, the firm was known as Nano Labs Corp. It operates as part of the conglomerates industry, under the industrials sector. The firm serves consumers around the globe.

The company’s mission is to provide its clients with the best services, with the highest quality standards. It is dedicated to the extraction and transportation of minerals and conglomerates. It owns two silica sand mines located in southeastern and central Mexico, which allows them to supply its consumers with its own transportation and machinery.

The enterprise’s silica sand mines help supply the nation’s cement plants with silica sand, which is primarily used in the construction industry (cement adhesives, mortars and ceramics) and in the metallurgical sector. It can also be used in installation and maintenance of swimming pools; artificial grass; and animal waste management.

The firm is committed to growing and diversifying, making itself known in the market through reliable supply and expanding its client portfolio with respected and well-recognized national and global companies. This will increase its opportunities to obtain capital and in turn, help finance its expansion and development, which will generate significant value for its shareholders.

Mucinno Holding (MCNO), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.0145, off by 32.5581%, on 7,858 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 316,677 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0042/$0.0602.

Vaycaychella Inc. (VAYK)

We reported earlier on Vaycaychella Inc. (VAYK), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Vaycaychella Inc. (OTC: VAYK) is a technology firm that is involved in the short-term vacation property rental market.

The firm has its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada and was incorporated in 2006, on June 30th. Prior to its name change in November 2021, the firm was known as World Series of Golf Inc. It operates as part of the mortgage finance industry, under the financial services sector. The firm serves consumers in the United States.

The company has developed an application which allows individuals to become vacation property owners and generate income from vacation renters through applications like and Airbnb.

The enterprise provides its Vaycaychella solution, a tool which allows entrepreneurs and investors to acquire, renovate, connect and build short-term vacation rental businesses. It allows entrepreneurs to create an individual profile on the Vaycaychella app to promote themselves as short-term vacation rental owners and operators. Here, entrepreneurs can post target properties they would like to purchase and put into operation. Investors can also view entrepreneur profiles and the properties they are looking to purchase and message with entrepreneurs they find to have interesting projects. The investor can also decide to back an entire project by themselves or partner with other investors to collectively back a project.

The firm is exploring joint ventures and acquisitions, having recently announced that it’d be releasing a new version of a Peer-2-Peer Alternative Finance app for sourcing financing to purchase income-producing vacation properties. This will not only bring in additional revenues and investments into the firm, but also bolster its overall growth.

Vaycaychella Inc. (VAYK), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.0019, up 11.7647%, on 316,677 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 25.223M and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0011/$0.0203.

Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. (MARA)

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Marathon Digital Holdings (NASDAQ: MARA) has reported its financial and operational results for the quarter ended Sept. 30, 2022. “The third quarter of 2022 was a transition and rebuilding period at Marathon, during which we fully exited the Hardin facility in Montana and began energizing servers at new locations, most notably the 280-megawatt data center that resides behind the meter at the King Mountain wind farm in McCamey, Texas,” said Fred Thiel, Marathon’s chairman and CEO. “We sequentially improved our bitcoin production each month during the quarter as we rebuilt our hash rate from approximately 0.7 exahashes per second in early July to 3.8 exahashes per second by September 30. This progress continued subsequent to the quarter’s end as we increased our hash rate an additional 84% to approximately 7 exahashes per second by November 1. We also realized our highest production month to date in November when we produced 615 bitcoin, nearly equal to our entire production during the third quarter. We believe Marathon has a strong foundation on which we can continue to build our hash rate. Our near-term goal is to reach approximately 9.0 exahashes per second by the end of the year, and we continue to target 23 exahashes per second near the middle of 2023 as we strive to establish our position as a leader in supporting and securing the bitcoin ecosystem.”

To view the full press release, visit

About Marathon Digital Holdings Inc.

Marathon is a digital asset technology company that focuses on supporting and securing the bitcoin ecosystem. The company is currently in the process of becoming one of the largest and most sustainably powered bitcoin mining operations in North America, while remaining asset light. For more information about the company, visit

Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. (MARA), closed Wednesday's trading session at $9.61, off by 3.5141%, on 25,489,211 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 1.033M and the stock's 52-week low/high is $5.20/$83.45.

Stronghold Digital Mining Inc. (SDIG)

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Fidelity Investments, one of the leading brokerage companies globally handling more than $9.9 trillion in assets, has announced that it will be making crypto trading available to its retail investors at no commission. Last week the company allowed intending traders to join a waitlist of those who will be granted access first once the trading platform is opened for business.

Through Fidelity’s fully owned subsidiary, Fidelity Digital Assets, retail investors will be able to sell or buy Bitcoin as well as Ether, in addition to making use of the other trading and custodial services availed by Fidelity Digital Assets. Fidelity has named the crypto trading service Fidelity Crypto. Anyone using Fidelity Crypto will be required to maintain $1 as the minimum balance on their trading account. This is as close to a no-minimum balance requirement is it can get.

In a statement, Fidelity indicated that it cared where its clients invested their money, and that a sizeable portion of their current clients aren’t just interested in but also actually own crypto assets. The statement added that Fidelity was giving those customers the necessary tools to engage in crypto trading while also leveraging the company’s technology, research and education channels.

It should be noted that Fidelity will not be offering the Fidelity Crypto service at no cost to the user. While there will be no commission levied, the brokerage company intends to add 1% to the spread against the price at which a retail investor executes a crypto purchase or sell transaction.

The trend of offering traders commission-free trading services is gaining steam in the blockchain industry. Robinhood as well as Binance.US already offer this service, and many industry watchers are wondering whether companies that still depend on levying commissions, such as Coinbase, still have a place in the industry. With Fidelity joining those not asking for commissions, entities that generate revenue from trading commissions are likely to be muscled out of the industry since no trader will want to be charged a commission when there are platforms that don’t levy such a fee.

The crypto industry is still in its relative infancy, and it is hard to predict what innovations are yet to come. The existing companies that survive for the long haul ,such as Stronghold Digital Mining Inc. (NASDAQ: SDIG), are going to keep constantly innovating and improving their products so that they can remain not only relevant but also competitive as new players join the field and bring their own novel product offerings.

Stronghold Digital Mining Inc. (SDIG), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.699, off by 15.4163%, on 1,074,347 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 13,778 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.681598/$28.80.

Field Trip Health Ltd. (FTHWF)

We reported earlier on Field Trip Health Ltd. (FTHWF), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

In recent years, an upsurge in psychedelic research among the scientific community has led to the discovery of psychedelic-assisted therapies capable of alleviating a variety of mental health conditions.  Studies have found that psychedelics can be effective at treating mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and eating disorders when paired with psychotherapy.

Although researchers aren’t certain how psychedelics such as psilocybin and LSD have these effects, we know that the psychedelic experience plays a major role in therapy. But with psychedelic research still in its infancy, there is little concrete data available regarding how hallucinogenic drugs affect people of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Most of the existing studies suffer from a lack of ethnic and racial diversity, with a significant percentage of study participants being White. In fact, this phenomenon of only researching the psychedelic experiences of White participants has been dubbed psychedelic whitewashing.

According to a 2018 review of 17 major psychedelic studies carried out between 2000 and 2017, 82.3% of the study participants were White while only 4.1% were Black or Hispanic. This means that although these studies have brought forth incredible results, the findings barely represent minority communities and have significantly limited generalizability.

However, some recent studies show that ethnicity and race can play a role in how psychedelic treatments impact mental health outcomes. One such study from last month found race and ethnicity played a role in the impact of psilocybin and MDMA use to alleviate psychological stress and suicidality.

Lead researcher and Harvard University Clinical Psychology Ph.D. candidate Grant Jones stated that the study showed that race may have an impact on the association between psychedelics and overall health. The researchers sourced data from an annual population-based survey of 484,732 participants, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Their findings revealed that in White participants, for instance, lifetime use of MDMA was associated with a reduced risk of suicidal ideation in the past year and psychological distress in the past month. White participants who used psilocybin also presented a reduced likelihood of suicidal planning or ideation in the past year and psychological distress in the past month.

In Hispanics, using MDMA resulted in a lower likelihood of suicidal ideation in the past year and psilocybin use was associated with reduced chances of past month psychological distress.

For participants from Black, Indigenous and multiracial communities, psilocybin and MDMA use did not reduce the odds of any health outcome, suggesting that some races and ethnicities may benefit from psychedelic use while others may not.

As more research is undertaken by companies such as Field Trip Health Ltd. (OTC: FTHWF) (TSX: FTHW), due attention needs to be directed toward diversity concerns so that the results can be a reliable indicator of how the general population can benefit from using those psychedelic substances in a clinical setting.

Field Trip Health Ltd. (FTHWF), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.04, off by 60%, on 13,778 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 3.513M and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0177/$0.50.

Workhorse Group Inc. (WKHS)

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As the demand for electric vehicles grows in different regions around the world, car dealerships and mechanics are coming face-to-face with new challenges as the changes brought by electric cars filter through to them.

Given that electric vehicles can have very high-power electric systems, to the tune of 800 volts in some cases, mechanics need to acquaint themselves with these systems in order to stay safe while doing their work. For example, one would imagine that a panel beater may not need to know much about the current running through an EV, but this specialist is required to learn how to disengage an EV’s battery before getting to work on the body of the vehicle.

Additionally, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and therefore require minimal maintenance. This means that some mechanics, including those specializing in repairing engines, gearboxes and other mechanical systems in EVs, will have to reskill in order to fit into the new reality brought by the proliferation of electric vehicles at the expense of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

As is the case with human nature, not everyone is thrilled about having to learn how electric vehicles work. Older mechanics are exhibiting this inertia the most, with many saying that they see no reason to study electric vehicles when they are close to retirement and currently have ample work on ICE cars to keep them busy until they retire.

In contrast, younger mechanics are exhibiting an eagerness to learn and understand the systems in electric vehicles. Some admit that it is challenging to learn about the peculiarities of electric vehicles while also learning how to repair conventional gas-powered vehicles. However, EVs are exciting to learn about and these younger people look set to move with the times.

Car dealerships also have their own set of challenges. For starters, dealerships are finding it hard to obtain inventory since supply chain disruptions as well as reduced production due to COVID-19 restrictions in some regions have made it difficult for manufacturers to ramp up production in tandem with growing demand. Dealers survive on commissions, and with stocks woefully low, livelihoods are being threatened.

Additionally, a significant portion of income for dealerships comes from the service contracts they sign with their customers. EVs require minimal maintenance, and that means that income from service contracts is expected to plummet over the coming years as more people switch to EVs. Dealerships will therefore have to be innovative and find new revenue streams as startups such as Workhorse Group Inc. (NASDAQ: WKHS) avail more electric vehicles to customers in different markets.

Workhorse Group Inc. (WKHS), closed Wednesday's trading session at $2.67, off by 4.3011%, on 3,512,723 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 13.969M and the stock's 52-week low/high is $2.11/$7.35.

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX)

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Gold has not been performing great for the past couple of months. Although the precious metal has traditionally acted as a store of value during times of economic upheaval, current circumstances have posed a challenge to this status.

With geopolitical factors have had a negative effect on the worldwide economy, several central banks around the world have been quite hawkish in an effort to prevent inflation. The U.S. Federal Reserve has been especially hawkish in recent months as economic conditions have deteriorated, increasing benchmark interest rates for more than three months consecutively to forestall economic inflation.

However, these efforts have had a dampening effect on gold across the world, with prices for the precious metal taking several hits amid increasing expenses and rising costs of living.

Recently, prices of the precious metal reached a one-month low following higher U.S. Treasury and dollar yields after Fed Chair Jerome Powell issued relatively hawkish remarks. Spot gold prices fell by 0.2% to $1,630 per ounce, their lowest since late September. U.S. gold futures also saw their prices go down by 1.2% to $1,630.9.

The drop in gold prices is probably due to the fact that the recent hawkish remarks and actions by the Fed have lowered gold’s appeal as a measure of value. Last week, the U.S. Fed surprised few people by raising the benchmark interest rate by 75 basis points. According to Powell, the peak for interest rates would most likely turn out higher than expected and it would be “extremely premature” to even consider pausing the interest rate hike.

Given that gold prices are affected by U.S. interest rates, the consistent months of rate hikes have also raised the opportunity cost of holding nonyielding gold bullion. For instance, as dollar prices went up by 1.4%, overseas investors found that the cost of holding gold increased as well.

Blue Line Futures chief marketing strategist Phillip Streible said that he doesn’t see gold “gathering bullish momentum” until the U.S. Federal Reserve finally stops raising benchmark interest rates; he also doesn’t expect to see the downward trend on gold prices changing any time soon. CMC Markets UK chief market analyst Michael Hewson believes the same, stating that gold prices will likely hit the lows of September and could even reach $1,000 as the opportunity cost of holding gold bullion increases.

Other metals such as platinum also saw prices fall by 1.2% to $918 an ounce; palladium went down by 2.6% to $1,806.33, and spot silver prices increased by 21% to reach $19.47. It is likely to be a bumpy ride ahead for gold miners such as Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (NYSE: FCX) as the price of gold varies in response to interest rate hikes.

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX), closed Wednesday's trading session at $34.03, off by 4.0327%, on 14,161,901 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 319,994 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $24.80/$51.99.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Flora Growth Corp. (NASDAQ: FLGC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Flora Growth Corp. (NASDAQ: FLGC).

Flora Growth signed a definitive agreement with FGH to acquire 100%of all issued and outstanding shares by way of a statutory plan ofagreement

The deal is expected to close in December following thepresentation of the agreement to shareholders; the acquisition willopen Flora to the German and EU medical markets, increasing thecompany’s international revenue and providing essentialdistribution to German pharmacies and a growing wholesale market

FGH’s acquisition adds to Flora’s expanding list of subsidiarieswhich currently comprise Vessel Brand Inc. and JustCBD, amongothers, and it is expected to deliver at least $3 million inannualized cost synergies within the first year

Luis Merchan, Flora’s Chairman and CEO, has noted that he believesthe company has a path to profitability that few global cannabiscompanies can achieve, and the acquisition shows Flora’s commitmentto achieving this profitability

The acquisition also highlights the company’s understanding of theglobal cannabis space, the opportunities therein, and what it wouldtake for it to become the undisputed market leader

Flora Growth (NASDAQ: FLGC), an internationally focused cannabis builder that leveragesnatural, cost-effective cultivation practices to supply cannabisderivatives, is looking to grow its product portfolio and expandits market reach with the proposed acquisition of Franchise GlobalHealth Inc. (“FGH”), a multi-national operator in the medicalcannabis and pharmaceutical industry (

Flora Growth Corp. (NASDAQ: FLGC) is an internationally focused cannabis brand builder that leverages natural, cost-effective cultivation practices to supply cannabis derivatives to its diverse business divisions, including cosmetics, hemp textiles, and food and beverage. Flora Growth operates one of the largest outdoor cultivation facilities in the world with an aim of marketing a higher-quality premium product at below-market prices. By prioritizing natural ingredients and value-chain sustainability across its portfolio, the company creates premium products that help consumers restore and thrive.

Flora Growth completed the first traditional cannabis IPO on Nasdaq in May 2021. Although currently headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, with plans to relocate its head office to Miami, Florida, the company’s base of operations is in Colombia, where it has built an extensive distribution network that includes Colombia’s largest distributors.

Currently, Flora Growth is organically growing market share for its existing brand portfolio (pharmaceuticals, textiles, cosmetics, and food & beverage) while seeking revenue-generating acquisitions that offer an accretive distribution network to amplify revenue growth.

Existing Brand & Product Portfolio

Flora Growth’s portfolio spans a number of verticals – each with a thoughtful brand designed to resonate with its intended end consumer. In line with the company’s mission, each brand prioritizes natural ingredients and value-chain sustainability.

Flora Lab S.A.S

Flora Lab is the company’s GMP certified manufacturing and R&D center focused on producing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and nutraceuticals for domestic and international markets. Its offerings include product lines that are private label, white-label, and custom formulas.

Through Flora Lab, Flora Growth has relationships with 1,500+ distribution channels, manufactures 63+ OTC products registered with INVIMA (Colombia National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute), and holds multiple GMP certifications enabling international export in an effort to leverage Flora Lab’s capacity to produce a wide range of CBD-infused products.

Flora Beauty

Flora Beauty is the company’s CBD beauty and cosmetics division founded by fashion and beauty industry icon Paulina Vega. Its current offerings include two CBD skincare brands targeting the U.S. and Latin American markets – MIND NATURALS and AWE. These lines exemplify Flora Growth’s socially conscious approach to business.

Currently, Flora Beauty products are offered globally through e-commerce, as well as through Falabella’s 111 retail locations across Latin America. The company is in negotiations with major department stores to launch the line in the U.S. and is also exploring opportunities in the U.K. and other European markets.

KASA Wholefoods

KASA Wholefoods is a Colombian manufacturer of food and beverages leveraging responsibly sourced exotic fruits from the Amazon. KASA has a $10 million+ distribution agreement with Tropi, Colombia’s largest food distributor, which has 130,000+ distribution points across the country.

Mambe, KASA’s leading brand, is already offered through over 980 distribution points across Colombia. Flora Growth expects this network to grow to over 1,200 distribution points in 2021, including one of Colombia’s largest coffee chains, Tostao Café & Pan.

Hemp Textiles & Co.

Through its Hemp Textiles division, Flora Growth intends to utilize its large land package and cultivation infrastructure to capture market share in the rapidly growing hemp industrials segment.

The company’s first brand through this division, Stardog Loungewear, offers a line of comfortable loungewear made from natural, organic materials. Stardog has been distributing globally through e-commerce and brick and mortar channels in Bogota since fall 2020, and the company intends to open U.S. brick and mortar locations in 2021.

Accretive M&A

Flora Growth is targeting transactions to complete the supply chain via key infrastructure to enhance its global distribution with the aim to compete on low-cost, high-quality inputs paired with premium brands that create business lines with robust margins.

To date, Flora has announced two major transactions.

Koch & Gsell (Acquisition)

  • Amplify CPG portfolio’s revenue growth through leading brand, Heimat, currently with TTM revenues of $7.6 million.
  • Leverage Koch &Gsell’s distribution network of 2,500+ stores to introduce Flora to the Swiss, European and Asian markets.
  • Bring patented hemp cigarette manufacturing technology into new markets utilizing Flora’s high-quality cannabis.

Hoshi International (Investment)

  • Equity Investment of €2 million into Hoshi to establish Flora as a preferred supplier to two EU processing facilities.
  • Opens gateway for Flora Growth’s cannabis through international distribution agreements in the EU and U.K.
  • Hoshi’s experienced team and increased access to the EU cannabis market to serve as a catalyst for revenue growth.


Key to Flora Growth’s expansion efforts is its cultivation strategy. The company’s Cosechemos farm, located in Bucaramanga, Colombia, is currently licensed to cultivate 247 acres of cannabis. Through three successful pilot crop plantings, the location has demonstrated a production cost of just $0.06/gram. For comparison, the average cost of North American cannabis (based on 2019 figures from Aphria, Tilray, Sundial, and Aurora) equates to roughly $1.89/gram.
Flora Growth is uniquely positioned to capitalize on Colombia’s favorable growing conditions, low-cost infrastructure, and affordable local workforce as it looks to ramp up its cultivation efforts moving forward.

Leadership Team

Bernard Wilson is the Chairman of Flora Growth. A senior financial professional, Dr. Wilson is the former Vice-Chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and is the Chairman of the Founders Board of the Institute of Corporate Directors. He has also served as Chairman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce; Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce – Canada; and Member of the Canada/U.S. Trade Committee. Dr. Wilson draws on this experience to ensure Flora Growth adheres to effective corporate governance practices.

Luis Merchan is the company’s President and CEO. He is a proven executive with over a decade of experience in enterprise sales management, corporate strategy, merchandising and expense management, and customer experience. Mr. Merchan previously served as Macy’s Inc.’s Vice President of Workforce Strategy and Operations, where he managed the enterprise’s multi-billion-dollar P&L expense line for the entire 540 store portfolio. Throughout his tenure at Macy’s, he led various sales and marketing initiatives, including the B2B corporate sales team that was responsible for $160 million in annual revenue. Mr. Merchan obtained his Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Pontifical Xaverian University in Bogota, Colombia, and his MBA from McNeese State University. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management from Harvard.

Juan Manuel Galan is a Strategic Advisor to the Flora Growth management team. Mr. Galan currently serves as a senior consultant to The World Bank. He is a politician and former senator of Colombia, serving three terms from 2006 to 2018 as a member of the Colombian Liberal Party. He is also a former professor at the University of Rosario and holds more than 20 years of journalistic, academic, governmental and parliamentary experience. During his time as a senator, Mr. Galan was a key leader, with 29 bills and 27 debates on political control, and 17 laws to his name. The most relevant of those laws was authoring the medical cannabis law that resulted in the legalization of medical cannabis in Colombia.

Stan Bharti is a Director of Flora Growth. Mr. Bharti currently serves as Executive Chairman of Forbes & Manhattan. He has more than 30 years of professional experience in business, finance, markets, operations and more, with a focus on the resource and technology sectors. To date, Mr. Bharti has amassed over $3 billion worth of investment capital for the companies with which he has worked and their shareholders. He is a Professional Mining Engineer and holds a master’s degree in engineering from Moscow, Russia, and University of London, England.

Javier Franco is the company’s VP of Agriculture. Mr. Franco is a master horticulturist with more than 25 years of experience in the design, implementation, and management of cultivation and propagation facilities of more than 30 species of cut flowers in Latin America. He completed his agricultural studies at Zamorano University in Honduras and later at an International Exchange Program at Ohio State University. Mr. Franco has directed technical, commercial, and research groups in the cut flower, fruit and vegetable markets in Latin America and has participated in the commercial development of new technologies applied in agribusiness. He has also led the agri-management of organic crops and certifications of Good Agricultural Practices.

Flora Growth Corp. (FLGC), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.5005, up 0.1%, on 322,803 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 312,032 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.50/$5.6092.

Recent News

Odyssey Group International Inc. (OTC: ODYY)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Odyssey Group International Inc. (OTC: ODYY).

Odyssey Health is a medical company specializing in the developmentof unique, life-saving medical products that provide solutions tounmet clinical needs, one of which is concussion, which currentlydoes not have an FDA-approved drug

The company has developed the PRV-002 drug candidate, which isdesigned to be administered intranasally where pre-clinical resultshave shown to be effective in treating a concussion within 30minutes of administration

Through its drug candidate, Odyssey hopes to reduce the risks andpotential for long-term consequences associated with concussions

Up until Olympic gold medalist Katie Weatherston was forced intoretirement following a series of mild traumatic brain injuries(“mTBIs”) or concussions, she and her professional career wereblossoming. As a member of the Canadian national team, Katie won agold medal in the ice hockey tournament at the 2006 Olympic Gamesin Turin, Italy. In 2007, she again was a gold medalist at the 2007IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship held in Canada; a yearlater, at the IIHF Championship tournament held in China, she wouldgo on to win a silver medal ( Chronic heart failure is known to develop over time, withexperts finding that the primary causes of heart failure include coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction and high blood pressure. Now, new researchhas found that iron promotes fatty tissue formation within theheart, causing chronic heart failure among roughly 50% of heartattack survivors. This study was carried out by researchers at the School of Medicine inIndiana University, led by Dr. RohanDharmakumar. Dharmakumar is the associate director in charge ofresearch at the IU Cardiovascular Institute, which is a jointventure between IU Health and IU School of Medicine. He is alsothe Krannert Cardiovascular Research Center’s executive director at the institution. Other teams, such asthose at Odyssey Health inc. (OTC: ODYY), are also exploring how heart attacks and other forms of heartdisease can be easily detected without resorting to invasivemethods, and as they bring their products to market, the long-termcomplications of heart attacks could be reduced once patients startreceiving treatment early.

Odyssey Group International Inc. (OTC: ODYY) is a medical technology company focused on developing lifesaving medical products that offer technological and clinical advantages over current standards of care.

The company’s portfolio of product technologies is diverse, featuring four unique medical products in development. Odyssey’s goal is to deliver superior products with enhanced clinical utility and market potential, thereby yielding a high rate of return for its shareholders and partners. It is guided by a senior management team with significant experience relating to refining technologies, building commercial systems and forging strategic partnerships.

Product Portfolio


Odyssey has two pharmaceutical products in development:

  • PRV-002 is a novel compound for the treatment of concussion, which currently has no FDA-approved drug. In pre-clinical studies, PRV-002 has been shown to significantly improve both neuroscore and memory score following injury in rats subjected to concussion models. Importantly, the first-in-class novel neurosteroid demonstrated no drug-related toxicity in these trials.
    • PRV-002 is currently being evaluated in a phase I clinical trial for the treatment of concussion, with phase II trials planned for launch in Fall 2022. Odyssey has also highlighted the potential of PRV-002 for additional indications such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS and chromic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).
  • PRV-001 is a novel compound intended to treat Niemann-Pick disease, a rare neurodegenerative-lysosomal storage disorder that affects an estimated 1 in 150,000 individuals in the U.S., demonstrating a 5x higher incidence in Middle Eastern populations.
    • Odyssey expects to receive Orphan Drug designation from the FDA for PRV-001, which would accelerate its pathway to FDA approval and provide seven years of market exclusivity.

Medical Devices

Odyssey is also developing two medical device candidates:

  • CardioMap® is intended to provide early, non-invasive testing for heart disease. The system offers a number of potential advantages over traditional EKGs, including requiring less training to operate, offering heightened sensitivity and coming in a small and portable form factor. CardioMap is being developed for a 510(k) regulatory pathway, which requires a study to demonstrate equivalence to legacy EKG offerings.
    • When approved, CardioMap is expected to be the only device in its class that has a predictive value, illustrating ‘grey’ areas where deterioration has begun but not yet led to pathology. Odyssey expects this feature to provide a powerful incentive for doctors to use the CardioMap device in end markets such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, rehabilitation centers and sports medicine practices.
  • Save-A-Life (SAL) is a patented, single-action, instantaneous, handheld, mechanical anti-choking device that creates a vacuum chamber in the mouth to dislodge throat obstructions in a matter of seconds, all without harm to the victim. The device is currently in development, with a proof of concept established.
    • Odyssey believes that, once FDA-approved, its anti-choking device will quickly become the “accepted” standard and leader in the treatment of choking incidents globally. Its low-cost manufacturing and convenient portable design give SAL a competitive edge over competing devices utilizing cumbersome masks.

Market Opportunities

Odyssey’s varied development pipeline positions it to address a number of sizable market opportunities with significant unmet medical need. Concussions alone currently account for medical costs of roughly $10-15 billion annually in the U.S., despite the lack of a currently approved FDA drug treatment. This need is particularly apparent in the military and sports industry, where the likelihood of athlete head-injury recurrence is estimated at 75%.

It is for this reason that, in March 2021, Odyssey announced the formation of a sports advisory board featuring well-known athletes supporting the company’s efforts to enhance public awareness of traumatic brain injuries and concussions, as well as the need for an FDA-approved therapy. Members of Odyssey’s sports advisory board include NFL Hall of Famers Kurt Warner & Brett Favre and two-time Olympic gold medalist Abby Wambach.

With its CardioMap platform, Odyssey is targeting the global cardiac monitoring market, which was valued at $28 billion in 2021 by Insight Partners and forecast to reach $43 billion by 2028.

Save-A-Life targets a similarly underserved market. Choking is the fourth-leading cause of death in children, and approximately 5,000 choking deaths occur each year in the U.S. While 95% of these deaths result from in-home incidents, current choking rescue devices fail to address in-home applications.

Management Team

Joseph Michael Redmond is the President, CEO and Chairman of Odyssey. He has over 30 years of commercial experience in medical device companies, previously serving as CEO of Parallax Health Sciences Inc., V.P. of Business Development for DxTech Inc. and V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. While at Bioject, Mr. Redmond helped raise over $15 million in capital, entered into several licensing and distribution deals with major biotech and pharmaceutical companies and grew the market cap of the company from under $10 million to over $400 million. He started his career at Abbott Labs and holds a B.A. from Denison University.

Christine M. Farrell is the company’s CFO and Secretary. Prior to joining Odyssey, Ms. Farrell was Vice President of Finance for Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. She also held accounting and financial management positions with Spar-Tek Industries, a manufacturer of high quality and cutting-edge technology for the plywood industry, and Action Machinery, a seller of new and used robotic machine tools and equipment. Ms. Farrell holds a B.A. in Accounting from the University of Washington and an M.B.A. from Willamette University.

Dr. Jacob W. Vanlandingham is Odyssey’s Head of Drug Development. Dr. Vanlandingham holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience with a molecular biology focus. He is a member of the Society for Neuroscience, American Society for Nutritional Sciences, National Neurotrauma Society, Faculty for Undergraduate Research in Neuroscience and the International Association of Medical Science Educators.

Odyssey Group International Inc. (OTC: ODYY), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.2079, up 2.8699%, on 312,032 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is and the stock's 52-week low/high is $5.6092/$.

Recent News

Reklaim Ltd. (TSX.V: MYID) (OTCQB: MYIDF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Reklaim Ltd. (TSX.V: MYID) (OTCQB: MYIDF) .

Reklaim (TSX.V: MYID) (OTCQB: MYIDF), the destination for consumers to access and reclaim their data,is focused on solutions that benefit both the consumer andadvertisers by offering transparency, choice and value. “The dayswhen companies collected consumer data and sold it to advertiserswithout their consent are rapidly ending as privacy regulationsexpand worldwide. In addition, tech companies are taking action toreduce data mining by mobile applications. At the same time,advertisers still need data to fuel marketing strategies, leadingto a growing demand for fully compliant consumer data solutions.Reklaim addresses that demand with a privacy-compliant identityecosystem that gives consumers options to earn from their datawhile providing new datasets to brands and advertisers,” reads arecent article. “The company’s ecosystem allows consumers to seehow much their data is sold annually and how many companies arebuying and selling their information. Users are also given optionsto earn points as additional compensation for answering polls –activities that produce additional verified datasets advertiserscan access for a fee. Reklaim’s solutions additionally increasedata quality.”

To view the full article, visit

Reklaim Ltd. (TSX.V: MYID) (OTCQB: MYIDF) offers a privacy-compliant identity ecosystem both online ( and via a mobile app on iOS and Android in the U.S and Canada. Reklaim believes that consumers own their data and, consequently, have the right to access their online data and choose how it is used, whether for compensation or privacy. Reklaim gives consumers visibility regarding how their data is collected and compensates them for its use, all while also providing advertisers and brands with a source of data compliant with emerging privacy regulations.

The company is driven by the evolution of privacy and how it impacts consumers and companies. Reklaim sells compliant, zero-party data to Fortune 500 brands, platforms, and data companies so that they can offset the risk of non-compliance. ‘Zero-party data’ is data that a consumer proactively and intentionally shares with an organization. This contrasts with ‘third-party data,’ which organizations have collected unbeknownst to consumers for more than 20 years. Zero-party data is the most valuable data in the US$200B data market, as it provides organizations with explicit consumer opt-in vs. through an intermediary such as a data broker.

Reklaim empowers consumers to take back control of their data. The company allows consumers to visit the platform, confirm their identity, and uncover their data that has been collected and sold for years without their explicit consent. Consumers can add, edit or delete data that is associated with their profile and choose which pieces of data they would be willing to share for weekly compensation. Reklaim is the only company in the world today providing consumers with both access to their data that is circulating in the market and a guaranteed weekly paycheck. Alternatively, for users who do not want to sell their data, users can choose to protect their data and subscribe to a suite of subscription-based (SaaS) privacy tools that obfuscate the location of their device when browsing on a mobile phone and alert them when a third-party source has leaked their data or passwords.

Reklaim was founded in 2018 and is based in New York, with offices in Toronto.

Business Model

Reklaim’s primary revenue-generating operations stem from selling consented consumer data to companies and resellers that need data that is compliant with all applicable consumer privacy laws and regulations, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Major Fortune 500 customers and enterprise data platforms have validated Reklaim’s zero-party data and have added this data to their marketplaces and decision-making. Reklaim has sales across three core verticals: brands and agencies that buy advertising, platforms that sell data to Fortune 500 clients, and companies whose primary business is selling data to business customers.

  • Companies & Agencies that Buy Advertising – These customers use Reklaim’s compliant data to inform their media decisions in social, connected television, programmatic and other verticals. Sales cycles are short at about 30 days. Reklaim customers in this segment are Microsoft, Amgen, Bayer, UPS, and Hasbro, to name a few.
  • Platforms that Sell Data – Reklaim has integrated its zero-party data into 15 of the largest enterprise data platforms in the world. These platforms act as the ‘grocery stores’ of data, where the Fortune 500 come to make their data purchases. Reklaim’s data has been validated and added to these platforms, providing ubiquitous distribution of Reklaim data across the data ecosystem. Due to data quality verification and technical requirements, sales cycles are typically longer, about 60-90 days. Customers include LiveRamp, Transunion, Google, The Trade Desk, Lotame, and T-Mobile.
  • Data Companies that Sell Data – These customers need to purchase compliant data to continue offering data to their clients. Sales cycles often last 90-120 days, but these contracts are typically annual, have the highest value, and auto-renew. An example is Nielsen, the television measurement company.

Market Outlook

The data industry, valued at $245 billion in the U.S. and more than $400 billion globally, is being disrupted, and Reklaim is positioned to benefit from the destructive shift.

The disruption is driven by two factors: (1) technology is reducing access to core data that the industry has become dependent upon, and (2) government intervention is emerging through laws and regulations intended to protect consumer data privacy.

Over the past 20 years, the data industry has harvested and exploited consumer data without consumers’ express consent. However, the legal and regulatory environment surrounding consumer data acquisition is rapidly evolving, placing the consumer at the center of emerging privacy policies.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was rolled out in 2019, followed shortly by the CCPA and the California Privacy Rights Act. More recently, the Canadian Privacy Protection Act, Brazil’s General Data Protection Law, India’s Information Technology Act, and South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information have continued the trend. As a result, industries and companies currently relying on unconsented consumer data will experience a regulation-driven disruptive migration, forcing them sooner rather than later to use only fully consented data sources. This consumer data environment is driving companies to Reklaim to replace their current data providers.

While privacy policies continue to iterate to include the consumer, Big Tech, namely Apple and Google, are increasingly removing data from the market that brands and companies have relied on. Apple’s introduction of Advanced Ad Tracing (ATT) has impacted companies’ ability to track consumer behavior across applications. Facebook, in Q4 2021, was forced to accept a US$10B write down on revenue projections due to this change and is expecting a similar US$10B right down again in 2022.

Google is making similar changes, the most significant being the removal of the third-party cookie from its Chrome browser, which has a 65% market share. This third-party cookie is responsible for the tracking that websites use to monetize by tracking consumers. The removal of the Chrome cookie will put the 1.8 billion websites operating in the open web today under pressure to find a solution to replace the 65% loss in revenue.

Management Team

Neil Sweeney is Chairman and CEO of Reklaim. He has more than 20 years in the industry, with an established reputation for visionary entrepreneurship and an ability to develop technologies. Technologies Sweeney created are used by Fortune 500 brands like Coca-Cola, Lowe’s, Walmart, General Motors, Unilever, and Mondelez. They are the core component of top media demand-side platforms, including Adelphic, The Trade Desk, AppNexus, MediaMath, and Triton Media. He is a two-time finalist for Ernst & Young’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and received Deloitte’s ‘Fast 50’ award for three consecutive years for the growth of organizations he created.

Ira Levy is CFO at Reklaim. He has over 15 years of experience in a wide range of high-growth, early-stage public and private companies. Most recently, he held the roles of Corporate Controller at VIVO Cannabis Inc. (TSX: VIVO) and Senior VP/Head of Finance for start-up Honest Inc. (d/b/a Province Brands of Canada). He has also acted as an advisor for startup AI companies through the Creative Destruction Lab Program. He received his MBA in Accounting and Finance from the Schulich School of Business at York University and is a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Jake Phillips is Chief Technical Officer at Reklaim. He is a proven technology leader who excels at bridging the gap between innovation and business in dynamic environments. He has gained a breadth of industry knowledge across telco/cable, banking, and client services. His professional experience spans enterprise integration, mobility, big data, cloud operations, and data security.

Reklaim Ltd. (TSX.V: MYID) (OTCQB: MYIDF), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.0401, up 21.8845%, on 10,000 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.031/$0.3859.

Recent News

Prime Harvest Inc.

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Prime Harvest Inc.

In 2019, there was an outbreak of lung injuries and some fatalitieslinked to the consumption of contaminated vape products, many ofwhich had vitamin E acetate added to them. A new study, conductedby a joint team of Johns Hopkins University, the American HeartAssociation and New York University, has found that those EVALI cases were more prevalent in states that hadprohibitionist laws as compared to states with legal marijuana markets. Theresearchers analyzed data sourced from the Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention as well as data from Behavioral Risk FactorSurveillance System (BRFS). Both data sets were from 2019. Specificattention was directed at four states that prohibit marijuana,seven that allow marijuana for medical use and two that haveallowed it for recreational use. These studies provide extra proofagainst those who say legalizing marijuana will pose a threat topublic health. Conversely, the studies show that when marijuana islegalized and licensed enterprises such as Prime Harvest Inc. operate within the framework established by law, public health isprotected as illicit and untested products are gradually squeezedout of the market.

Prime Harvest Inc., based in San Diego, California, is a technology-focused, full-service cannabis company with horizontally diversified operations spanning various segments of the cannabis value chain, from licensing acquisition and compliance management to direct-to-consumer operations. The company is leveraging a long-term strategy of investing in the growth and scale of licensed assets anchored by the power of data-driven technology to expand its footprint throughout California.

Sustainability is key to Prime Harvest’s corporate vision. The company aims to ensure that the communities it serves capture their fair share of the fruits of the industry’s growth, including financial profit, employment opportunities, environmental enrichment and impactful innovation through R&D and education.

The company’s mission is to appeal to the ethos of the cannabis consumer by setting a new operational standard emphasizing accountability, sustainability and community. With this commitment, Prime Harvest continues to work toward positively affecting millions of lives through the creation of a world-class platform that caters to strengthening the commercial cannabis pipeline.

Jaxx Cannabis

Jaxx Cannabis is the flagship brand in Prime Harvest’s portfolio. Through Jaxx Cannabis, the company aims to use technology to facilitate a true customer-centric culture while enhancing the overall craft cannabis experience. Jaxx features an expertly curated selection of premium products from some of the most respected brands in the thriving California market.

Key values serving as the foundation of Jaxx Cannabis include:

  • Creating and nurturing a welcoming culture for all
  • Unlocking the true potential of customer value
  • Being innovative in uncovering new ways to grow both the company and the industry
  • Meeting the wants and needs of consumers to promote profitability
  • Remaining accountable for the results of its operations

It is these values that differentiate Prime Harvest and Jaxx Cannabis in the California cannabis sector.

Brand Partnerships

Prime Harvest works diligently to establish strong alliances with complementary brands that are in alignment with its culture and values. Through a combination of deliberate foresight and strategic action, the company seeks to grow existing cannabis brands and continuously discover new, high-potential performers that are primed for long-term success.

These partnerships enhance Prime Harvest’s efforts to transform the world’s cannabis access and bring its consumers high-quality products that are fair for both people and the planet.


Prime Harvest remains committed to the goal of creating a more sustainable environment, now and in the future. Concern for human beings and the environment can be observed in every facet of its operations, including its ongoing R&D activities dedicated to exploring methods of reducing and repurposing waste into composite materials and exploring the potential of the hemp plant for industrial and wellness contributions.

The company is a proud member of the Community Alliance Program, a foundation that seeks to make a difference in local communities by providing financial assistance for educational programs, housing homeless veterans, creating urban farms, and holding local arts initiatives for children and adults. The program also helps explore the natural healing attributes of medical cannabis through research, development, clinical trials, and advocating for the safe access of cannabis to those in need.

Market Overview

Ongoing changes in U.S. state government policies toward cannabis are expected to cause demand for legal marijuana to surge. In addition, the number of indications for which medical marijuana is prescribed continues to increase. These factors are expected to rapidly boost legal sales of cannabis products.

Legal sales across the U.S. hit a record of $17.5 billion in 2020, marking an increase of 46% over 2019, according to Forbes. This strong growth is expected to continue. According to a Grand View Research report, the global legal marijuana market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 26.7 percent from 2021 to 2028.

California – Prime Harvest’s home state – has consistently led the pack in terms of U.S. cannabis sales. The Motley Fool pegged cannabis spending in the Golden State at $3.8 billion in 2020, more than doubling the second state on its list.

Leadership Team

The Prime Harvest team is composed of true experts in their respective fields focused on building a world-class organization capable of driving the cannabis industry and movement forward.

E. Duane Alexander is the company’s Founder and CEO. He brings to the team more than 25 years of real-world, hands-on cannabis retail, marketing and commercial operations experience. Mr. Alexander has championed 40+ cannabis license applications throughout the western U.S. to date.

John Wilczak is the COO of Prime Harvest. He has 30+ years of executive management, strategy development & configuration experience with GE, pharmaceutical and agriculture companies. Mr. Wilczak is a Brown & Columbia MBA with vast knowledge of technology driven intellectual properties.

Andrea Jenson is the Chief Financial Officer of Prime Harvest. As CFO, she is responsible for all the company’s financial functions, including accounting, corporate finance and investor relations. Her career spans more than 20 years of varied experience in financial management, business leadership and financial strategy.

John Kazanjian is the VP of Business Development of Prime Harvest. He has worked over 40 years in business operations, brand marketing, sales and investor/lender communications. Mr. Kazanjian earned his B.S. from Rutgers University and his MBA from Harvard University.

Johann Balbuena is the Chief Marketing Officer of Prime Harvest. She has more than six years of experience in California cannabis licensing acquisition and compliance management. Ms. Balbuena has led multimedia production and content marketing efforts for the likes of the Social Club TV app, The Emerald Cup, High Times, Weedmaps and Synergy.

Recent News


GeoSolar Technologies Inc.

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight GeoSolar Technologies Inc.

The upcoming COP27 Conference in Egypt will dictate the world’slatest measures designed to adhere to 2015’s Paris Agreement

With the world increasingly focused on containing global warmingand subduing household greenhouse gas emissions, has taken onincreasing relevance

Within the U.S., households account for 20% of total carbonemissions – with U.S. household emissions alone surpassing those ofGermany as a whole

GeoSolar Technologies’ revolutionary SmartGreen(TM) Home system hasbeen designed to power homes through a mix of renewable energysources – effectively reducing the average home’s carbon footprintto near zero

When the upcoming United Nation’s Climate Change Conference, betterknown as ‘COP27’, kicks off in Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh on November6th, it will do so amidst some of the most perilous environmentalconditions the world has ever witnessed. Faced with a growingenergy crisis, record greenhouse gas concentrations, and increasingextreme weather events, politicians will be at pains to deliveraction on an array of issues critical to tackling the ongoingclimate emergency. Ranging from urgently reducing greenhouse gasemissions, through to building resilience and adapting to theinevitable impacts of climate change, all whilst delivering oncommitments to finance climate action in developing countries,conference attendees will be asked to commit to a wide array ofinitiatives to halt global warming on its tracks. With 40 percentof greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions originating from real estate,measures to decarbonize households will form an increasing prioritywithin the global political agenda – with tackling US householdemissions foremost on that list ( A comprehensive study encompassing 93 million individualhouseholds within the United States found that residential energyusage accounts for as much as 20 percent of GHG emissions in theUnited States ( Putting that figure into perspective – if the U.S. housingsector’s emissions were to be considered as a country, that countrywould represent the world’s sixth largest GHG emitter, comparableto the entirety of Brazil’s emissions and ranking significantlyhigher than those of Germany. Perhaps more ominously, by 2025 theUnited States will add an estimated 70-129 million residents and62-105 million new homes, growing the urgent need to reduceemissions across the US housing sector. Consequently, and despiteU.S. homes becoming increasingly energy efficient in recent years,U.S. household energy use and consequently, the sector’s GHGemissions, have failed to reduce as a by-product of demographictrends, necessitating the employment of additional measures toarrest the incessant growth in carbon dioxide emissions. GeoSolar Technologies (“GST”), a Colorado-based climate technology company, has soughtto cater to this increasingly urgent requirement. Through theintroduction of its proprietary SmartGreen(TM) Home system – anenvironmentally friendly, renewable energy focused technologydesigned to harness energy from the earth and sun to power andpurify homes and automobiles without the use of fossil fuels,GeoSolar are focused to tackle the astounding thirty percent ofglobal greenhouse gases generated by households every year.Moreover, and during a time of increasingly elevated electricitycosts, the company has illustrated how the average GeoSolar-poweredhome could result in a negligible carbon footprint, with homeownersdisbursing less than $100 per annum in utility bills (

GeoSolar Technologies Inc. (“GST”) is a Colorado-based climate technology company and the creator of the Smart Green Home® system for newly built and existing residences and commercial buildings. The company is focused on revolutionizing the way we heat, cool and power homes with 100% natural energy sources. Its patent-pending integrated system harnesses energy from the earth and sun to power and purify homes and automobiles without the use of fossil fuels.

In a GST home, the sun’s energy is captured on the roof to generate all of the electricity required. Additionally, the consistent climate of the earth is used to keep the home at a perfect temperature year-round, and the company’s proprietary air purifying unit ensures that the air inside the home is safe and healthy.

GST’s home technology has been installed in multiple test homes in Colorado and achieved exceptional results, including some of the most impressive energy efficiency ratings (HERS) in the industry.

GeoSolar Technologies is currently accepting investment as part of a Regulation A+ offering. Everyone* can invest now for as little as $300. For more information, visit the company’s profile on Manhattan Street Capital and review its Offering Circular.

GeoSolar Technologies Inc. (“GST”) has been qualified by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to conduct a Regulation A+ capital raise. GST is already a publicly traded company who makes quarterly and annual filings with the SEC and is subject to quarterly PCAOB audits. This is the first time shares of GeoSolar Technologies are being made available for public purchase. Upon completion of this Regulation A+ offering, the company intends to seek a listing of its stock.


The Decarbonization Movement

Soaring and unstable energy/fuel costs continue to highlight the importance of rethinking the traditional approach to powering homes, from top to bottom. While most everyone is well aware of the remarkable, multi-trillion-dollar opportunity the electric vehicle transformation offers to investors (in addition to the benefits to the climate problem), few recognize that the all-electric home market is as large as electric vehicles and equally important to reducing carbon emissions.

U.S. energy expenditures clocked in at $3,891 per person in 2018, leading to estimated spending of $1.3 trillion on energy that year alone. Despite this, fewer than 3% of U.S. homes are currently powered by solar. This number is poised to increase exponentially as both new and existing residences transition to zero carbon models.

GST estimates that if all the homes in America were powered by its technology, carbon pollution could be reduced by an estimated 1.9 trillion pounds per year, greatly reducing the negative impacts on our climate.


The GeoSolarPlus (“GSP”) system combines solar power, geothermal ground-sourced energy and other clean energy technologies into one fully integrated system.
Key benefits of the GSP system include:

  • Making a real planet-changing difference in reducing air pollution
  • Eliminating or significantly reducing homeowners’ future utility bills
  • Enjoying lifetime energy independence and protection from price escalation and energy shortages
  • Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from operation of home and daily life
  • Increasing home value
  • An integrated design for seamless operation of renewable energy systems
  • Maintaining a significantly healthier living environment
  • Leveraging existing renewable energy tax credits and electrification incentives
  • Creating stable jobs capable of supporting families in the decarbonized future

Click here to learn more about how GeoSolarPlus works.

Management Team

The GST leadership and management team includes some of the world’s most experienced and respected leaders in the fields of decarbonization and sustainable homes.

Stone Douglass is the Chairman and CEO of GST. He is a seasoned, 30-year public company executive and former Chairman and CEO of the Piper Aircraft Company.

Brent Mosbarger is the company’s Co-Founder and leads its commercial operations. He is a highly respected solar engineer whose experience includes roles with Chevron Energy’s green operations and serving as project manager and executive for a $400 million solar/geothermal innovation project.

Peter Romenesko is a Senior Strategic Advisor with GST. He brings to the company considerable experience as an engineer and large-scale project manager for Johnson Controls and Siemens.

Dr. Norbert Klebl is the company’s Co-Founder and Development Director. Recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of zero-carbon innovation, he is a former McKinsey partner of 16 years with an MBA from Columbia.

Dar-Lon Chang is GST’s Director of New Product Development. Prior to joining GST, he had a 16-year career with ExxonMobil Energy Research. He received his PhD in engineering from the University of Illinois.

* Must be over 18, certain states are not currently available and will be added soon.

Recent News


Knightscope, Inc. (NASDAQ: KSCP)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Knightscope, Inc. (NASDAQ: KSCP).

Knightscope (NASDAQ: KSCP), a leading developer of autonomous security robots, announced that it has activated more machines across the country. Accordingto the announcement, the deployed equipment consists of ASRs andone of Knightscope’s newest products, the K1 Blue Light Tower.Deployment locations include another California resort and casino,a privately owned global real estate investment, a development andmanagement firm with 634 properties, a Colorado-basedcommunity-focused real estate and infrastructure owner, operator,lender and developer, as well as an Ohio college. The press releasereads, “Today’s announcement reinforces Knightscope’s continuedcommitment to accelerate growth and make the United States ofAmerica the safest country on the planet through the use oftechnologies that augment security programs of all types. Todiscover how Knightscope can help you better secure the placespeople live, study, work and visit, schedule an appointment at”

Knightscope, Inc. (NASDAQ: KSCP), founded in 2013 and based in Mountain View, California, is a leader in the development of autonomous security capabilities targeting to disrupt the $500 billion security industry. Knightscope’s technology uniquely combines self-driving technology, robotics, artificial intelligence and electric vehicles.

Knightscope designs and builds Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) that provide 24/7/365 security to the places you live, work, visit and study. The company’s client list covers public institutions and commercial business operations, including multiple Fortune 1000 companies to date. These ASRs have been proven to enhance safety at hospitals, logistics facilities, manufacturing plants, schools and corporations. ASRs act as highly cost-effective complementary systems to traditional security and law enforcement officials, providing an additional advantage by continuing to offer uninterrupted patrolling capabilities across the country.

The company’s ASRs have assisted in the arrest of suspects involved in crimes ranging from armed robbery to hit-and-runs. Their machine-embedded thermal scanning capability even aided in preventing the breakout of a major fire. You can learn more about the crime fighting wins at

The company has achieved several milestones since its creation in 2013, including:

  • Establishing itself in a 15,000-square-foot facility located in Mountain View, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, where Knightscope designs, engineers and builds its technology (Made in the USA)
  • Operating for more than 1 million hours in the field and securing contracts across five time zones, from Hawaii to Rhode Island
  • Raising over $100 million since inception to build its technology from scratch and generating over $13 million in lifetime revenue, validating both the market opportunity and the technology

Growth Capital & Proposed Nasdaq Listing

With backing from more than 28,000 investors and four major corporations and over $100 million raised since inception, Knightscope is poised to be an industry leader in the future of public safety and security.

On December 1, 2021, Knightscope announced the commencement of an offering of up to $40 million of its Class A common stock, with shares to be listed immediately following closing on the Nasdaq Global Market under the ticker symbol ‘KSCP’. The offering is for up to 4 million shares priced at $10 per share. Learn more at

Company Mission – Reimagining Public Safety

Knightscope’s long-term vision has an eye on the greater good. The company’s mission is to make the United States of America the safest nation in the world while supporting the 2+ million law enforcement and security professionals across the country.

Crime has an estimated negative economic impact in excess of $2 trillion annually. As crime is reduced, positive impacts will likely be realized across several aspects of society, including housing, financial markets, insurance, municipal budgets, local business and safety in general.

Knightscope CEO William Santana Li was interviewed by Kevin O’Leary, more commonly known as Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful. When asked to explain how the benefits provided by the ASRs outrank a human doing the same job, Li said, “First, just the simple presence of a physical deterrent causes criminal behavior to change. Second, the machines are self-driving cars that patrol all around and recharge themselves. They also generate 90 terabytes of data per year. No human would ever be able to process that. The robots are intended to be eyes and ears for the humans, not a one-to-one replacement.”

The Knightscope solution to reduce crime combines the physical presence of ASRs, sometimes referred to as proprietary Autonomous Data Machines, with real-time onsite data collection and analysis. The ASRs are fitted with eye-level 360° cameras, thermal scanning, public address announcements and various other features that work in tandem with humans to provide law enforcement officers and security guards unprecedented situational awareness.

Those 90 terabytes of data are then formatted in a useable way, so law enforcement can leverage that information and execute their responsibilities more effectively.

Public Safety Innovation

The company’s recurring revenue business model is set up to mimic the recurring societal problem of crime, and it takes into consideration the fact that innovation in the security and public safety industry has been stagnant for decades. Because the traditional practices of the sector have remained unchanged for years, automation has potential to drive substantial cost savings – and significant improvement in capabilities.

Human security guards are one of both the largest expenses and the largest liabilities for companies. Knightscope’s robots are offered at an effective price of $3 to $9 per hour, compared with approximately $85 for an armed off-duty law enforcement officer and $15 to $35 for an unarmed security guard.

This innovation has the potential to drive considerable cost savings. Based on these estimates, manufacturing costs can be recovered as soon as the first year of operation.

Product Offerings

The company has nine patents and a framework of unique intellectual property. Knightscope currently offers a K1 stationary machine, a K3 indoor machine and a K5 outdoor machine. A K7 multi-terrain four-wheel version is in development.

The ASRs autonomously patrol client sites without the need for remote control, providing a visible, force multiplying, physical security presence to help protect assets, monitor changes in the area and deter crime. The data is accessible through the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC), an intuitive, browser-based interface that enables security professionals to review events generated by the ASRs providing effectively ‘mobile smart eyes and ears’. Learn more at

The ASRs and the related technologies were developed ground up by the company and are Made in the USA.

The Robot Roadshow

Knightscope has created the ultimate hybrid physical and virtual event, bringing its Autonomous Security Robot technologies to cities across the country for interactive and in-person demonstrations.

Each roadshow landing is hosted virtually by a Knightscope expert, and visitors can interact directly with each of the company’s ASRs and see the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) user interface in action. Learn more at

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer William Santana Li is a veteran entrepreneur, a former executive at Ford Motor Company and the founder of GreenLeaf, a company that grew to be the world’s second-largest automotive recycler and is now part of LKQ Corporation (NASDAQ: LKQ).

Chief Client Officer Stacy Dean Stephens brings his experience as a former Dallas law enforcement officer, as well as his skills as a seasoned entrepreneur, to assist on the client acquisition side.

Chief Intelligence Officer Mercedes Soria is an award-winning technologist and former Deloitte software engineer.

Chief Design Officer Aaron Lehnhardt brings over two decades of two- and three-dimensional product and industrial design in modeling and VR to the table, on top of his experience as a senior designer at Ford Motor Company.

Chief Financial Officer Mallorie Burke is a seasoned financial executive and strategic advisor for both private and publicly traded technology companies with a successful track record of mergers & acquisitions, corporate growth and exit strategies, including public listings.

General Counsel Peter Weinberg leverages 30 years of diverse corporate counsel experience, spanning from startups to well-established companies, private and public. He has significant experience training personnel at all levels in critical areas to improve corporate compliance and productivity.

Knightscope, Inc. (NASDAQ: KSCP), closed Wednesday's trading session at $2.98, off by 2.9316%, on 39,347 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is and the stock's 52-week low/high is $2.3001/$27.50.

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Cepton Inc. (NASDAQ: CPTN)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Cepton Inc. (NASDAQ: CPTN).

Cepton (NASDAQ: CPTN), a Silicon Valley innovator and leader in high-performance lidarsolutions, is reporting its third-quarter 2022 results. Highlightsof the financial report include a 171% increase in product revenue,which totaled $1.8 million, and minimal development revenue comingin at $1.2 million. The company also reported third quarter 2022GAAP net loss totaled $17.4 million compared to GAAP net loss of$7.9 million in the prior year period with Q3 2022 non-GAAP netloss reaching $13.2 million compared to non-GAAP net loss of $6.6million in 2021. The report noted that full year 2022 revenue isstill expected to reach between $7 million to $9 million withoperating expenses for the year anticipated to be between $55million and $65 million. Business highlights for the companyincluded consistent execution of Cepton’s OEM Series production,including the first public reveal of its lidar integrated behindthe windshield in production vehicles. In addition, the companycompleted the RFI process with two top 10 automotive OEM customerswith one new top 10 OEM program reaching advanced engagement stage.In addition, a significant highlight for the company included theinvestment agreement reached with Japan-based Koito ManufacturingCo. Ltd. for $100 million investment in the form of convertiblepreferred stock. “Cepton achieved many milestones in the thirdquarter,” said Cepton cofounder and CEO Jun Pei in the pressrelease. “With the first public reveal of Cepton lidar inproduction vehicles, new strategic partnerships and announcement ofKoito's $100 million investment, we are well positioned to fund ournext stage of growth and scale our lidar solutions into everydaymainstream vehicles.” To view the full press release, visit

Cepton Inc. (NASDAQ: CPTN) is a provider of state-of-the-art, intelligent, lidar-based solutions serving a range of markets, including automotive (ADAS/AV), smart cities, smart spaces and smart industrial applications. General Motors (NYSE:GM) has granted a series production award for Cepton’s lidar, the biggest such award to date in the automotive space. Cepton’s is the lidar component of GM’s Ultra Cruise autonomous driving platform. By leveraging its patented Micro Motion Technology (MMT®) lidar platform, the company develops reliable, scalable and cost-effective solutions that deliver long-range, high-resolution 3D perception for smart applications.

Cepton was established in 2016 by co-founders Dr. Jun Pei and Dr. Mark McCord. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, and serves a fast-growing customer base through an international presence spanning North America, Germany, Japan, India and China.

Micro Motion Technology (MMT®)

Cepton was built from the ground up to meet key lidar industry challenges for mass market adoption. This company’s portfolio of proprietary technology is uniquely aimed at facilitating this industry growth through a combination of performance, reliability, affordability and design integration.

Key among its innovations is MMT®, a mirrorless, frictionless, rotation-free 3D imaging platform designed specifically for lidars. Its benefits for OEMs and system integrators include:

  • Reliability – The durable design uses common, easily attainable materials.
  • Versatility – The platform is capable of achieving near- to ultra-long range with a wide field of view.
  • Efficiency – MMT® features a compact form factor, low power usage and inexpensive components.
  • Scalability – Its simple design means that scale-up to high manufacturing volumes is easily attainable.

Because of their compact form factor, Cepton lidars are embeddable and ideally suited for advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) integration, whether behind windshield, in headlamp or in fascia.

Agreement with KOITO

KOITO Manufacturing Co. Ltd., the world’s premier Tier 1 auto lighting supplier, originally started an evaluation of Cepton’s MMT® based lidars in 2018. In 2020, KOITO made an investment in Cepton aimed at accelerating the company’s development and enabling KOITO’s industrialization of high-performance and high reliability lidar sensors for ADAS and autonomous vehicle (AV) applications.

Through this collaboration, Cepton was able to secure the largest ADAS lidar series production award[1] with General Motors as a sole source in the automotive space. The award covers GM vehicles for the initial period of 2023-2027.

On August 5, 2021, the two companies deepened their relationship when KOITO committed to invest a further $50 million in Cepton’s business through its participation in a Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) offering of shares of common stock of Growth Capital Acquisition Corp. in connection with Cepton’s recent merger.

Collaboration with GM

On July 13, 2021, Cepton announced that it had secured an ADAS lidar series production award from a leading, Detroit-based global automotive OEM – the biggest lidar production award by any OEM to any lidar company. It was later clarified that the OEM was General Motors, and Cepton’s lidar is part of GM’s ADAS Ultra Cruise system.

GM is “expected to deploy Cepton lidars in its next generation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) across multiple vehicle classes and models – not just luxury cars.” As such, the agreement marks the potential for “an industry-first, mass-market adoption of lidar technology for automotive ADAS, with an anticipated deployment in consumer vehicles starting in 2023.”

On July 28, 2021, Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) distributed an article on Medium noting, “Ford has been engaged with Cepton almost since their inception in 2016, both for R&D collaboration and small-scale deployments. Cepton LiDAR are deployed in some of [Ford’s] smart city projects. Based on Ford’s guidance, Cepton delivered a custom version of their LiDAR to enable R&D on advanced ADAS features.”

Market Outlook

Driven by increasing development and adoption in automobile safety applications, environmental mapping and 3D-modeling, the global lidar market is forecast to experience considerable growth over the coming years. A research report published by MarketsAndMarkets suggests that the sector will grow to an estimated $3.4 billion by 2026, achieving a CAGR of 21.6% over the next five years.

The report further highlights increasing investments in lidar startups by automotive giants as a driver of growth opportunities in the sector, particularly in North America.

In 2020, ground-based lidar accounted for the lion’s share of the overall lidar market, and this trend is expected to continue as the automotive sector continues to rapidly advance adoption across the full spectrum of vehicle classes. One factor not to be underestimated is the high barrier of entry and the exceptionally long time required for automotive OEMs to vet and award a production win to a lidar company. It is a commonly held view that the over 50 lidar companies will inevitably coalesce into a handful serving all OEMs.

Cepton, having a head start through its established partnership with leading global OEM GM, is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this market growth in the years to come.

Management Team

Cepton’s founder-led team is made up of lidar industry pioneers with decades of collective experience across advanced lidar and imaging technologies.

Jun Pei, Ph.D., is the company’s CEO and Co-Founder. He is a technology specialist with a focus in optics and electronics. Prior to founding Cepton, Dr. Pei founded AEP Technology, a firm focused on developing advanced 3D optical instruments. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Mark McCord, Ph.D., is Cepton’s CTO and Co-Founder. Prior to founding Cepton, he led advanced development at KLA-Tencor. Dr. McCord also formerly served as an associate professor at Stanford University, where he earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering.

Winston Fu, Ph.D., is the company’s CFO. Dr. Fu is the founder of Silicon Valley venture capital firm LDV Partners. Prior to joining Cepton, he served as CFO and Chairman of Active-Semi before its acquisition. Dr. Fu has also helped to build many technology companies as an entrepreneur and/or board member. He received his Ph.D. in applied physics from Stanford University, as well as an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

[1] Largest known ADAS lidar series production award based on number of vehicle models awarded

Cepton Inc. (NASDAQ: CPTN), closed Wednesday's trading session at $1.79, off by 7.732%, on 294,723 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is and the stock's 52-week low/high is $1.01/$80.16.

Recent News

Tingo Inc. (OTCQB: TMNA)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Tingo Inc. (TMNA).

Tingo (OTC: TMNA), a leading agri-fintech business in Africa, has filed a DefinitiveInformation Statement with the U.S. Securities and ExchangeCommission (“SEC”). The statement outlines the completion of themerger between Tingo Mobile PLC, a wholly owned Tingo subsidiary,with MICT Inc., a NASDAQ-traded financial technology company; themerger should be complete by the end of this month. Once the mergeris finalized, MICT will issue Tingo shares of its common stockequal to 19.9% of MICT’s outstanding shares along with Series A andSeries B convertible preferred stock. According to theannouncement, MICT does plan to seek both shareholder and NASDAQapproval of the conversion of the preferred stock into MICT commonstock. The transaction will give Tingo ownership of 75% of MICT’soutstanding shares. The company noted that the merger should createa highly profitable fintech and agri-fintech company, withannualized revenues projected to reach more than $1 billion. Thefiling and mailing of the information statement puts the merger ofour company and MICT on course to be completed in the currentmonth,” said Tingo Mobile CEO Dozy Mmobuosi in the press release.“We are excited to join forces with MICT to accelerate theexpansion of our business throughout Africa and other regions, aswell as dollarize Tingo Mobile’s agri-fintech platform, Nwassa andTingoPay. In addition, the merger of Tingo Mobile with aNASDAQ-listed company will enable us to have greater visibility inglobal financial markets, as well as provide us improvedacquisition prospects in the agri-fintech space.” To view the fullpress release, visit

Tingo Inc. (OTCQB: TMNA) is a digital service agri-fintech technology company focused on foundation-level agriculture and related financial services in Africa. The company aims to be Africa’s leading agri-fintech player, transforming rural farming communities to connect through its proprietary platform to meet their complete needs – from inputs and agronomy to off take and marketplace – and deliver sustainable income in an impactful way. The company’s vision is to build complete digitally inclusive ecosystems that promote financial inclusion and deliver disruptive micro-finance solutions, empower societies, produce social upliftment in rural communities and open international opportunities.

Tingo believes that a truly connected world will help contribute to a better global society. The company’s core focus areas are telecoms, financial services/fintech and agritech. Tingo’s goal is to provide a best-in-class customer experience, support the domestic economies of its host countries and support technological and financial inclusion to end the poverty premium. Through this, Tingo hopes to deliver attractive returns to shareholders while investing in the long-term future of the company and its subsidiaries.

Global climate change is challenging sustainable production and food security. Tingo’s strategy and market execution provide an opportunity for Africa to be a core focal point to solve a number of key areas of concern, including food security, gender equality, financial inclusion and poverty alleviation, to name a few. Disruption of micro finance through the use of DeFi-based stable coins and smart contracts will give agri-communities access to capital markets-driven digital finance solutions that make them more competitive and sustainable economically, striking a good balance of returns between digital asset providers and Tingo as the service partner. This innovation will deliver significant access to much needed finance at ‘Grassroot’ levels, delivering tangible social upliftment and GDP growth in the African markets served by Tingo.

Tingo Mobile, with more than nine million subscribers, is Nigeria’s leading technology and device-as-a-service platform aimed at accelerating digital commerce, especially in the country’s agritech and fintech verticals. The company helps farmers acquire mobile phones through a unique leasing plan, connecting them to mobile and data networks through its own virtual mobile network. Tingo also connects farmers to markets, services and resources via Nwassa, its digital agritech marketplace platform that commenced operations in 2020. The company has also launched a beta version of TingoPay – a B2B and B2C fintech app aimed at providing financial services to users inside and outside of the agriculture value chain. Among the services offered are mobile wallets, payment processing and access to specialist lenders, insurers and pension products.

Tingo will soon announce its innovative blockchain-based solution for use of digital stable coins to empower frictionless trade across borders in Africa. The company’s market-proven model in Nigeria is its core foundation, enabling Tingo to deliver the same service model across Africa to become the continent’s leading agri-fintech business powered through smartphone technology.

The African Continental Free Trade (ACFT) plan will be a key framework to prepare the company to be the leading intra-Africa trading hub for trade flows across Africa in the medium term, when it is likely the agreement will be executed into tangible activity. Tingo is well positioned to easily transform the goals of the ACFT into reality when finally implemented by the African Union and the various African countries that have not signed up.

Tingo posted total revenue of $594 million in 2020, with $212 million EBITDA. As of December 31, 2020, Tingo has 9,344,000 subscribers. The company is confident that these figures will grow through its expansion across Africa and natural progression of business in Nigeria.


Tingo has four core businesses:

  • Mobile Phone Leasing – Tingo has distributed almost 30 million mobile handsets since 2014 and will continue to replace the devices of its installed customer base every three years. Tingo Mobile provides the latest mobile phone handsets at an affordable price point and allows customers to spread payments over 36 months.
  • Mobile Voice and Data Service – Through a mobile virtual network, Tingo provides its customers with voice and data services, allowing customers to communicate effectively, both inside and outside the agricultural ecosystem.
  • Nwassa Marketplace Platform – Nwassa is Tingo’s proprietary agritech platform which provides Africa’s farmers with access to global markets to secure more competitive pricing for their crops. The platform processes 500,000 daily transactions with a value of over $8 million. A select group of trusted partners can assist smallholder farmers and agricultural cooperatives with packaging, warehousing, and dry and wet cargo logistics, as well as up-to-date information from the global agricultural sector. Tingo provides its customers with digital wallet services, which enable them to send and receive domestic payments, monitor cash flow in real time and securely hold money. The company also provides access to other services, such as utility bill payment, virtual airtime top-up, insurance services and alternative lending solutions.
  • TingoPay – Since the launch of the Nwassa platform, Tingo has been a dominant player in the B2B fintech vertical. After many successful months of operating Nwassa, Tingo entered the fintech B2C vertical to extend its B2B offering to a broader market beyond agriculture.

TingoPay is still in its beta phase and will launch in 2021 with a comprehensive marketing campaign. TingoPay offers the following services:

  • Tingo Wallet top-up
  • Peer to Peer payments, inclusive of merchant payments at the stores
  • Utility payments – airtime, broadband, cable, electricity, water, hotel, flights etc.
  • Pension payments
  • QR code payment services

Market Opportunity

Africa is the second-largest continent by population. It is also the youngest by far, with a median age of 18 for its 1.3 billion people. Tingo believes the building blocks for growth in Africa’s agriculture industry are in place and that the company is well positioned to participate in the upside. Sub-Saharan Africa’s population is growing at a rate of 2.7 percent per year. At the current growth rate, the continent’s population will double by 2050. Africa’s youthfulness represents a significant opportunity for material growth in demand for agricultural commodities. This younger generation is also being born into a digital world and is comfortable using technology.

Africa’s governments are improving business conditions for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Sub-Saharan Africa’s World Bank Doing Business rank has improved from 45 in 2004 to 65 in 2020. Tingo believes this trend will continue and encourage establishment of more new ventures across all economic sectors, including agriculture.

Africa attracted $407 billion of Foreign Direct Investments (“FDI”) between 2014 and 2018. Investments are increasingly focused on services and industrial sectors. Only 20 percent of investments are in extractive industries – a clear reversal from 2008, when 55 percent of FDI was aimed at resource extraction. Tingo believes FDI into Africa will help resolve significant infrastructure constraints and create value for agribusiness.

Management Team

Dozy Mmobuosi is the CEO of Tingo. He cofounded Tingo Mobile PLC (Nigeria) in 2001 and led the design and launch of Nigeria’s first SMS banking solution, which is still in use in the country today. He also headed a team of more than 120 Chinese and Nigerian engineers in the construction of two mobile phone assembly plants in Nigeria, which have produced and distributed 20 million phones across the country. He has led Tingo’s growth to more than $600 million in revenue annually. He holds a Ph.D. in Rural Advancement from UPM Malaysia.

Dakshesh Patel is the CFO of Tingo. He was formerly CFO of NatWest’s Global Debt and Investment Banking division. He has served as a Director at Gerken Capital Associates, a San Francisco-based alternative asset fund manager. He also led the restructure of Lloyds Banking Group (last financial crisis); managed integration of two leading shipping groups’ global treasury function to create world-leading shipping group Maersk Shipping; built three fintech companies; and exited one to Worldpay. Mr. Patel has strong banking experience, with a focus on Africa. He is a chartered accountant.

Chris Cleverly is president of Tingo. He has served as CEO of the Made in Africa Foundation, and as CEO of blockchain payments gateway startup Kamari. He has been a board member of several companies, both public and private, in the UK, India, China and Africa. He has advised multiple UK companies on their entrance into African markets, and regularly advises the UK Government on development issues and African governments on investment issues.

Clarence Simms is the Chief Technology Officer at Tingo. He has 25 years of IT and IT management experience. He has worked in IT Shared Services Technical Operations and IT Program Management for Huawei Technologies and MTN. As an entrepreneur, he created, a service that allows African Diaspora travelers to send airtime, pay bills, send mobile money and transfer money to a bank account from anyplace in the world.

Rory Bowen is the Chief of Staff at Tingo. Mr. Bowen started his career in traditional capital and derivatives markets working for Moneycorp and Tradition UK in European and emerging markets across FX, interest rate derivative and government bond markets. He has also spent time with one of Europe’s fastest growing fintech’s banking circles. Before joining Tingo, he was Chief of Staff at FinTech Alliance, an organization established in partnership with the UK Government Department for International Trade to foster innovation, growth and foreign direct investment (FDI) in the financial services sector and facilitate greater public/private cooperation.

Tingo Inc. (OTCQB: TMNA), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.9899, off by 9.1835%, on 8,694 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.01/$6.00.

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Cybin Inc. (NEO: CYBN) (OTC: CYBN)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Cybin Inc. (NEO: CYBN) (NYSE American: CYBN).

The 2022 Wonderland psychedelics conference did what the 2021 version could not do because of COVID-19restrictions: bring more real people together face-to-face to sharemeaningful dialogue and interpretations of psychedelics, along withproviding some of the products and services connected with thestudy and delivery of psychedelic-assisted therapy. The conference,which was held Nov. 3-5 in at the Wana Wynwood Convention Center inMiami, tripled its venue size over 2021, added a second stage tohost 200 speakers, and included programs extending into Saturday.More than 3,000 attendees were there, along with 66 exhibitors.

Cybin Inc. (NEO: CYBN) (NYSE American: CYBN) is a Canada-based life sciences company focused on the pharmaceutical development of psychedelic products, as well as the functional mushroom market.

The early-stage company boasts an experienced management team featuring industry veterans from pharmaceutical and consumer product backgrounds who have run multiple clinical trials and collectively helped facilitate billions of dollars in product revenues. The team is dedicated to the development of products and protocols within the psychedelic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

In particular, Cybin aims to further build upon and expand its intellectual property (IP) portfolio, which is structured around unique psilocybin delivery mechanisms that target a number of different therapeutic indications. In addition, the company has dedicated itself toward furthering its research and IP within the fields of synthetic compounds, extraction methods, the isolation of chemical compounds, new drug formulations and protocol regimes.

Serenity Life Sciences & Natures Journey Inc.

The company’s business model is centered around its two core subsidiaries, Serenity Life Sciences and Natures Journey Inc., which comprise Cybin’s two-pronged approach toward delivering fungi-derived psychedelic and medicinal products.

Serenity Life Sciences is focused on furthering research and development of psilocybin-based medications. Psilocybin is found in certain species of mushrooms and is a non-habit forming, naturally occurring psychedelic compound. Research into psilocybin has shown positive results for the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, eating disorders, ADHD and other indications.

Natures Journey Inc. operates the Journey brand, which specializes in developing proprietary medicinal mushroom products that target and promote mental wellness, immune boosting detoxification and overall general health and wellbeing.

Partnership with the Toronto Centre for Psychedelic Science (TCPS)

Staying true to its axiom of being a research-first medicinal mushroom life sciences company, Cybin recently announced its entry into a strategic partnership with the Toronto Centre for Psychedelic Science (TCPS), with the goal of furthering its ongoing psilocybin research efforts and expanding Cybin’s psilocybin IP portfolio (

“While there is evidence to support psilocybin as a treatment for certain indications, the Toronto Centre for Psychedelic Science is taking a clinical approach to prove or disprove the safety and efficacy of psilocybin-based microdosing through an open science approach,” Paul Glavine, CEO of Cybin, stated in a news release.

“We are excited to join forces with Cybin and to offer our expertise. A number of firms had approached TCPS, but Cybin demonstrated a superior commitment to high-quality research and integrity in product development. Our high standards for scientific rigor and transparency will find a fitting home within the culture Cybin is cultivating in Canada and abroad,” Thomas Anderson, co-founder of the Toronto Centre for Psychedelic Science, added.

Journey’s Product Monetization & Market Potential for Nutraceutical Supplements

Although Cybin is at the forefront of companies seeking to conduct clinical trials aimed at gaining regulatory approval for psilocybin and other psychedelic products, the company has also placed a great deal of emphasis on generating meaningful revenue from its very outset.

Cybin’s Journey brand has is launching a range of supplements comprised of popular fungi-derived ingredients such as Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps. Purported to aid focus and concentration while promoting neurogenesis, Journey’s range of nutraceutical products provides Cybin with a crucial foothold within the non-psychedelic legal supplement market, which is valued at over $25 billion globally and growing at a 9% year-over-year rate.

Pharmaceutical Psychedelics

In addition to the company’s range of non-psychedelic supplements, Cybin has plans to carry out a clinical trial with a new delivery system for its psilocybin-based medications later this year. Ultimately, the company aims to enter into technology transfer agreements with global pharmaceutical companies after phase 1 & phase 2 clinical trials are complete in order to accelerate regulatory approvals in major indications in global markets with entire lifecycle product management.

With products such as psilocybin truffles already legal in nations such as the Netherlands, Jamaica and Bulgaria, Cybin has positioned itself to capitalize on an eventual legalization of psychedelic mushroom-derived products in the future. Working within a regulatory environment with strong similarities to that which dealt with cannabis prior to the industry’s eventual legalization by the Canadian government in 2018, Cybin is laying the groundwork for the moment pharmaceutical psychedelics gain acceptance in North America and abroad.

Amalgamation Agreement and Financing

Cybin recently announced its entry into an amalgamation agreement dated June 26, 2020, with Clarmin Explorations Inc. (TSX.V: CX) and 2762898 Ontario Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Clarmin ( Completion of the transactions contemplated in the amalgamation agreement will result in the reverse takeover of Clarmin by Cybin.

In connection with the proposed transaction, Cybin plans to complete a “best-efforts” brokered private placement of subscription receipts of Cybin, with a syndicate of agents co-led by Stifel Nicolaus Canada Inc. (Stifel GMP) and Eight Capital, to raise a minimum of C$14 million ($10 million) and a maximum of C$21 million ($15 million), with a 15% agents’ option.

To date, Cybin has raised approximately C$10,400,000 through an initial financing round and its series A financing round.

Cybin Inc. (NEO: CYBN) (NYSE American: CYBN), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.442, off by 3.8922%, on 1,173,983 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.3903/$2.15.

Recent News

Mullen Automotive Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Mullen Automotive Inc. (MULN).

Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ: MULN), an emerging electric vehicle (“EV”) manufacturer, has signed adistribution agreement with Newgate Motor Group, one of Ireland’sbest-known dealerships. The agreement calls for Newgate to serve asthe marketing, sales, distribution and servicing agent for theMullen I-GO in Ireland and the United Kingdom. As part of theagreement, Newgate will purchase initial units of I-GO for use invehicle demonstrations, marketing and sales opportunities withpotential customers. According to the announcement, Mullenanticipates delivering those I-GO samples by end of December 2022.With more than four decades of experience, Newgate Auto Group iswell respected in the auto industry and represents several brands,including Renault/Dacia, Kia and Mercedes-Benz. In addition tobeing a key retail group in Ireland, they also have substantialrelationships in the vehicle distribution business throughout theUnited Kingdom and various parts of Europe. Mullen’s I-GO isdesigned to be an urban commercial delivery vehicle that meets thedemand for quick deliveries and space constraints in dense citiesthroughout Europe. “This is a highly strategic partnership forMullen, with Newgate being one of Ireland’s most recognizabledealers for new and used vehicles; it brings us an incredibleopportunity to enter the commercial EV market in Europe with a verysuccessful retail group,” said Mullen Automotive CEO and chairDavid Michery in the press release. “We are currently workingclosely with Newgate on the importation, registration and licensingrequirements for the successful import and distribution of the I-GOinto Ireland and the United Kingdom.” To view the full pressrelease, visit

Mullen Automotive Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN) is a Southern California-based automotive company that owns and partners with several synergistic businesses working toward the unified goal of creating clean and scalable energy solutions. Mullen has evolved over the past decade in sync with consumers and technology trends. Today, the company is working diligently to provide exciting EV options built entirely in the United States and made to fit perfectly into the American consumer’s life. Mullen strives to make EVs more accessible than ever by building an end-to-end ecosystem that takes care of all aspects of EV ownership.

Commencement of Trading on Nasdaq

On November 5, 2021, Mullen announced its commencement of trading on the Nasdaq Capital Market.

“Today is a monumental day for Mullen Automotive. I am especially proud of our team, investors and all who have believed in Mullen and taken us to this point as a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq Capital Market,” David Michery, CEO and Chairman of Mullen Automotive, stated in the news release. “Trading on Nasdaq now opens us up to new investors, both institutional and retail shareholders, and broadens our awareness and company profile, while increasing awareness of Mullen and our technology platform and opening new opportunities in EV and beyond. The road ahead has never been brighter for Mullen, and I am proud to lead us into the future.”

The milestone came in the wake of the company’s stock-for-stock merger with Net Element Inc.

The Mullen FIVE

The Mullen FIVE EV Crossover, debuting at the Los Angeles International Auto Show (LAIAS) on November 17, 2021, embodies Mullen’s Southern California roots with an inspired design focused on two complementary Golden State themes – California landscape and California urban.

The FIVE is built on an EV Crossover skateboard platform that offers multiple powertrain configurations and trim levels in a svelte design that is Strikingly Different™ and exciting to experience in person.

Prior to the start of LAIAS, the Mullen FIVE was selected as a finalist by the LA Auto Show for Top EV SUV in the ZEVA “People’s Choice” Awards.

LAIAS provides Mullen an opportunity to display multiple variants of the FIVE model while also showcasing its powertrain, battery and charging technology. The company intends to bring the FIVE to market in 2024, and reservations are currently open here.

Mullen’s development portfolio also includes EV Fleet Vans, which it intends to bring to market in Q2 2022, and the pure electric, high performance Mullen DragonFLY.

Expansion of Manufacturing Capacity

On November 2, 2021, Mullen announced plans to expand its facility in Robinsonville, Mississippi.

Mullen’s Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Facility (AMEC) currently occupies 124,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The total available land on the property is over 100 acres, and Mullen is moving ahead with plans to build out another 1.2 million square feet of manufacturing space to support class 1 and class 2 EV cargo vans and the Mullen FIVE EV Crossover.

On the expanded site, Mullen plans to build a body shop, a fully automated paint shop and a general assembly shop.

EV Market Outlook

The global EV market was reported to consist of 3,269,671 units in 2019, a figure that is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.1% through 2030 to a total of 26,951,318 units worldwide. This market’s monetary value was estimated at $162.34 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.6%, resulting in an approximate value of $802.81 billion by 2027. The primary driver for this exponential growth is a worldwide increase in vehicle emissions regulations.

Management Team

David Michery is the CEO and Founder of Mullen and has been leading the company and its divisions since inception in 2014. With over 25 years of executive management, marketing, distressed assets, and business restructuring experience, Mr. Michery brings a wealth of relevant knowledge and expertise to the Mullen brand. He has notably created 12 trademarks so far to develop the company brand and vision.

Mr. Michery is working toward a sustainable future accessible to all by creating a suite of clean-energy electric vehicles at varied price points. With entirely U.S.-based manufacturing and operations, he is also determined to have Mullen Technologies play a role in shaping a self-sustaining local economy by creating more jobs in America.

Mr. Michery manages risks and company expectations as a pathway to success and has personally overseen several businesses that totaled over $1 billion in transactions. His key strength is the ability to be fiscally responsible and lead teams to complete projects on time and within budget. As a seasoned professional in this space, Mr. Michery has demonstrated skill in building businesses from the ground up and into successful entities that subsequently sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Mullen Automotive Inc. (MULN), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.269, off by 4.8798%, on 241,944,551 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 241.945M and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.2101/$15.90.

Recent News

Freight Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGT)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Freight Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGT).

The United States is still the world's largest economy and largestimporter and exporter of goods and services – with strong ties toMexico and Canada

Mexico has reached number one as a US trade partner, with a valueof $520.12 billion during the first eight months of 2022, followedby Canada

Freight Technologies’ cloud-based marketplace, Fr8App, issimplifying Over-The-Road (“OTR”) trade and reducing the carbonfootprint in the industry by directly matching OTR shippers withqualified carriers and provides 24/7 live tracking, quick pay, anddriver rating features

The company is building strategic relationships with key customersacross trade industries, expanding its customer base to provide itsall-in-one solution for shippers with more reliable results andlower costs

Trade is vital to America’s prosperity as the world’s largesteconomy and largest importer and exporter of goods and services.Trade fuels economic growth, supports good jobs, raises livingstandards, and helps provide families with affordable goods andservices. For the first time since January of this year, Mexicoovertook Canada as the number one trade partner of the UnitedStates in August, increasing trade to $520.12 billion through thefirst eight months of the year, according to Census Bureau dataanalyzed by World City ( most popular point for commercial truck crossings between theUnited States and Mexico is Laredo, Texas, which saw an increase of12.8%, equivalent to 246,019 vehicles during August – ranking theport number two among the 450 ports, seaports, and border crossingsbetween the United States and Mexico. The increase has brought thetotal number of truck crossings in Laredo to 2.7 million, anincrease of 8.9% year to date. Some of the biggest challengesexperienced by freight carriers since the COVID-19 pandemic includeglobal supply chain disruptions, increased ocean freight rates, andlogistics challenges – but demand for importing and exporting is asstrong as ever. Freight Technologies (NASDAQ: FRGT) (“Fr8Tech”) is a technology company developing solutions tooptimize and automate the supply chain process and provides aplatform for B2B cross-border shipping across the USMCA region. Thecompany’s mission is to revolutionize cross-border shipping byproviding carriers with increased growth opportunities and shipperswith flexibility, visibility, and simplicity for the once-complexprocess of international OTR shipping.

Freight Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGT) (“Fr8Tech”) is a technology company developing solutions to optimize and automate the supply chain process, providing a platform for B2B cross-border shipping in the NAFTA region. The company’s mission is to revolutionize cross-border shipping by providing carriers with increased growth opportunities and shippers with flexibility, visibility and simplicity for the once-complex process of international over-the-road shipping.

Freight Technologies, formerly known as Hudson Capital Inc., assumed its current name and ticker symbol on May 27, 2022. Its primary operating subsidiary and its marketplace are known as Fr8App, and it conducts operations throughout North America under the names of Fr8App and/or Freight App. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with multiple locations across the U.S. and Mexico.

The Fr8Tech Solutions Suite

Fr8Tech leverages artificial intelligence to provide cloud-based platforms aimed at automating the over-the-road transportation process, effectively reducing human touch points and expediting load booking times. The company’s suite of solutions includes:

  • Fr8app – A B2B marketplace powered by AI and Machine Learning offering a real-time broker portal to connect shippers with qualified carriers
  • Fr8Radar – A tracking solution providing shippers and carriers real-time locational data via Fr8app’s mobile solution or through integration with third-party GPS alternatives
  • Fr8TMS – A transportation management system designed to help shippers manage their freight and all of the documents involved in shipping transactions, including invoices, customs documents, confirmation rates and proof of deliveries
  • Fr8FMS – A fleet management system allowing transportation companies to better manage their fleets, reduce operational costs and provide better service to their customers
  • Fr8Data – A data solution offering real-time dashboards and reports to shippers and carriers in an effort to increase visibility and control while supporting better business decisions
  • Fr8Fleet – A platform that provides private fleet management, enabling large corporate shippers to purchase dedicated capacity secured by Fr8app in exchange for a fixed fee

Commitment to the Environment

Through its core focus on technology, Fr8Tech seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of the logistics industry. Its solutions aim to minimize empty miles for transportation firms and reduce overall paper consumption.


Fr8University is an educational program offering classroom and on-the-job training for Fr8Tech team members. Through the program, employees learn in-depth business fundamentals and applications along the truckload freight industry value chain.

Led by corporate educator Mario Mena, Fr8University is designed as an investment in the company’s human capital, providing an opportunity to communicate Fr8Tech’s corporate culture while accelerating operational growth.

Market Outlook

Fr8Tech’s established foothold in Mexico is key to its current efforts to promote sustainable growth in the cross-border shipping industry. Ongoing disruption in U.S.-Chinese trade relations have strengthened Mexico’s status as the largest trading partner of the U.S., with cross-border annual freight spending estimated at $385 billion according to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Annual domestic shipping in Mexico is estimated at $34 billion, while annual domestic shipping in the U.S. is estimated to total $732 billion.

Despite the size of this industry, fragmentation and inefficiencies prevail in the space. Thousands of legacy brokers, tens of thousands of shippers and hundreds of thousands of carriers still rely on outdated systems to arrange transport, spending hours on the phone negotiating pricing, waiting days to find trucks and drivers, preparing and printing forms, and operating without tracking or visibility. Add in cross-border complexity relating to customs and additional paperwork, and you have an industry ripe for technological disruption.

Fr8Tech’s recent revenue growth trends have highlighted the company’s efforts to capitalize on this opportunity. In 2021, Fr8Tech achieved revenues of $21.5 million, marking a year-over-year increase of 134%. The company issued revenue guidance for fiscal 2022 of $40 million in a February 9, 2022, press release, which would account for a further 86% year-over-year increase.

Management Team

Javier Selgas is CEO and a Director of Freight Technologies Inc. and Freight App Inc. He brings to the company over 15 years of experience developing technology and digital marketing strategies, including serving as Country Manager for Osigu, Spain, and as head of AJEgroup’s IT division for the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to joining Fr8Tech, Mr. Selgas founded digital marketing agency Lanzadera Online. He has also served as an IT consultant to major corporations, including Endesa and Ibermatica.

Mike Flinker is President of Fr8Tech. He has over four decades of experience in the transportation industry, with 30+ years focused on cross-border logistics. Prior to joining Fr8Tech, Mr. Flinker founded FLS Transportation, the largest cross-border logistics company in Canada. He also previously held positions with Clarke Transport Inc., Canadian Pacific and Reimer Express Inc. (a division of Roadway Express).

Paul Freudenthaler is the company’s CFO and Secretary to the company Board. He has over 30 years of financial expertise, having previously served as CFO for several leading companies across multiple countries, including Macquarie in Mexico, Old Mutual in Latin America and Ascentium Capital in the U.S. Mr. Freudenthaler’s experience include leadership roles from which he guided IPOs and M&A transactions.

Luisa Lopez is COO of Fr8Tech. She brings to the company 25+ years of management experience in logistics, supply chain, operations and customer service. Ms. Lopez previously served as a Director of Landstar, where she was responsible for commercial and client development strategies in the Mexican market. Additionally, she managed more than 2,000 transport units specialized in staff and school mobility while with Traxion in Mexico.

Freight Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGT), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.18, off by 29.0777%, on 909,167 volume. The average volume for the last 3 months is 909,167 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.1799/$8.734.

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Sharing Services Global Corporation (SHRG)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Sharing Services Global Corporation (SHRG).

Sharing Services Global (OTCQB: SHRG) is dedicated to maximizing shareholder value through theacquisition and development of innovative companies, products andtechnologies. “SHRG announced the rebranding of its direct-salesdivision in March 2021, noting that the newly titled brand [theHappy Company] had received a $30 million investment increase fromits largest shareholder, Document Security Systems. In addition,SHRG announced plans to launch a travel company to add to itsdirect-selling arsenal, focusing on providing exclusive benefitsand first-class discount travel opportunities to its brand partnersand customers,” a recent article reads. “We will be in the rightplace at the right time on our launch of Hapi Travel Destinations.All the pieces for a successful launch are falling into place asconsumers are starting to re-engage with travel, hospitality andvacations on a regular basis,” SHRG CEO John ‘JT’ Thatch is quotedas saying at time of the launch. “Our hope is that this turnkeytravel solution we’ve created will open up travel opportunities forso many consumers who were previously only able to dream aboutgrand adventures.” To view the full article, visit

Sharing Services Global Corporation (SHRG), formerly Sharing Services Inc., is a diversified company dedicated to maximizing shareholder value, operating through two primary subsidiaries: Elepreneurs Holdings, a direct-selling company, and Elevacity Holdings, a products company. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, SHRG markets and distributes Elevate-branded health and wellness products through an independent sales force of distributors called Elepreneurs.

Proprietary Products

SHRG’s current exclusive Elevate product offerings are marketed under the Elevacity brand, so named to signify the company’s commitment to elevating lives.

The Elevate health and wellness product line consists of nutraceutical products that SHRG refers to as D.O.S.E., which stands for dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins – all of which are key hormones proven to promote happiness and well-being.

Elevacity brand products are carefully formulated, chosen and designed to support a single objective: elevate the happiness and well-being of the consumer.

Global Network of Elepreneurs

Elevacity products are shared and sold by a growing international network of home-based entrepreneurs, called Elepreneurs, operated by Elepreneurs Holdings. This SHRG subsidiary provides basic and advanced programs for both new and experienced entrepreneurs who are focusing on their direct-sales careers.

SHRG’s high-performing independent sales force follows the company’s Blue Ocean selling strategy, an approach that encourages individuals to seek new markets, lead, and to “stop competing and start creating.” The Blue Ocean strategy is based on the book, “Blue Ocean Strategy,” written by Professor Renée Mauborgne, who notes that “the lesson here is that the best defense is offense, and the best offense… is to make a blue ocean shift and create your own blue ocean.”

Following this selling strategy, SHRG’s Elepreneurs are taught that, rather than competing directly in a competitive, direct-selling market, they should focus on making competitors irrelevant and succeeding in an uncontested marketplace.

In addition, SHRG’s Elepreneurs use the interactive, video-based VERB sales-marketing platform developed by Verb Technology Company Inc. The app utilizes proprietary interactive video data collection and analysis technology and provides next-generation customer relationship management, lead generation, and video marketing software applications.

Continued Momentum as Industry Leader

These selling strategies have resulted in sharp and consistent revenue gains. In the company’s 10-Q filed with the SEC for the three months ended Oct. 31, 2019, SHRG reported sales of $38.8 million for fiscal Q2 2019, an increase of 116% over sales of $17.9 million reported for the comparable quarter of 2018. Consolidated gross profit jumped by $16.2 million to $27.4 million for the same period compared to Q2 2018.

SHRG’s consolidated operating earnings were $3.9 million in the fiscal quarter ended Oct. 31, 2019, compared to $866,802 for the comparable period the prior year. Consolidated gross margin also grew 70.9% for the three months ended Oct. 31, 2019, compared to 62.2% the prior year.

These numbers are continuing a trend established over the past two years. In fiscal Q1 2019, SHRG achieved revenues of $35.4 million, more than double that of the comparable period in 2018. Even earlier, the company reported sales of $85.9 million for fiscal year ended April 30, 2019. This represents a nine-fold increase, or $77.5 million jump, over the company’s revenues of $8.4 million the prior year.

These numbers bring SHRG’s sales revenues since December 2017 — when the company’s Elevate product line was released — to an impressive cumulative total of $169 million.

Preparing for Success

SHRG is well prepared to continue and accommodate for this growth. The company recently expanded its corporate footprint by moving to a 10,000-square-foot facility in Plano, Texas, that offers ample room to expand as the company grows and flourish. The larger corporate locale provides space for a growing customer service department, product fulfillment, opportunity and training rooms, as well as a video production suite.

In addition, the company has a seasoned, expert leadership team in place, led by John “JT” Thatch. Thatch was appointed president and CEO of SHRG in March 2018, bringing to the company his expertise obtained from successfully starting, owning and operating several businesses in various industries. His experience with corporate growth, acquisitions, financing and negotiation in fast-paced and flexible environments will significantly assist SHRG as the company aims to expand and increase revenues.

469.304.9400 x 201

Sharing Services Global Corporation (SHRG), closed the day's trading session at $1.01, up 23.17%, on 276,351 volume with 217 trades. The average volume for the last 3 months is 279,074 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.27/$2.54.

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